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Sushi Go Round

by Andy Goergen - May 2, 2010, 6:11 pm PDT
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Ready to roll some sushi on the go?

The Nintendo DS version of Miniclip's sushi bar simulator Sushi Go Round plays exactly like its Wii counterpart, so for the discussion of the core gameplay, please see that review.

The DS game feels much better than the Wii game, as the lower production values and pick-up-and-play gameplay is much better suited to the handheld platform. The only difference in features between the two versions is a lack of multiplayer on the handheld, which is a bit disappointing, because a single-cart multiplayer game would be very feasible with the single-screen gameplay of Sushi Go Round.

The touch screen works very well for the game, allowing you to quickly tap ingredients to add them to the sushi roll, and merely tapping the sushi mat will roll them up and pass them along to your customers. The story mode proceeds exactly the same, with the same comic-book style art displaying the boy’s story of infatuation with the girl that inspires him to start a restaurant.


Graphics Sound Control Gameplay Lastability Final
5 4 6.5 6 6 6

The graphics look decent on the smaller screen, but the game all takes place on one screen and the sprites don’t look fantastic.


The music is pretty irritating, and the occasional sound bite of someone yelling out a sushi-related word doesn’t add anything at all.


Tapping the ingredients on the touch screen works pretty well, but sometimes they’re not responsive enough. Unlike the Wii version, the ingredients actually do need to be dragged onto the sushi mat, which works well.


Having a wide selection of gameplay modes is nice, but when all of those modes play almost exactly the same, it seems a bit redundant. The story mode puts up a good challenge after the first hour.


There’s plenty to do if you want to explore all of the modes, but the core gameplay mechanic just doesn’t hold up to hours of play.


The DS version of Sushi Go Round gives you an adequate quick-hit of action/strategy gameplay, holding up over time much better than the Wii version. If you’re looking for something a little fun and different on DS, you could do much worse.


  • Lots of game modes
  • Quick pick-up-and play style works well on handheld
  • Lack of multiplayer
  • Poor production values
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Genre Puzzle
Developer SouthPeak Interactive

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na: Sushi Go Round
Release Mar 30, 2010
PublisherSouthPeak Interactive

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