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C.O.P. The Recruit

by James Jones - November 24, 2009, 10:26 pm PST
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What happens when you mix a thug-turned-cop, a terrorist plot, and NYC's finest? I don't know, but if you figure it out please tell me.

"Technically, not cool." Indeed, it is also technically not good, fun, or well made. It is pretty, but how graphically impressive do you want a game that thought "Ground Zero should be among the sights that our Pokemon Snap-style sub-quest has you shoot pictures of?" Grand Central Station, the Empire State Building, Greenwich Village, and Ground Zero.

Let me provide you with some "headgold. Knowledge. Money of the streets." C.O.P. The Recruit (brief aside, C dot O dot P dot is some kind of acronym. It's never explained, or perhaps I didn't notice due to massive disinterest) can be described in ten words:




Did I mention you're the titular cop... and recruit? In C dot O dot P dot, you play as Dan Miles, an illegal street racer-turned-cop, who is tasked with saving New York City as a member of the elite City Control Division. In C to the P, salvation comes by ramming your car into fleeing criminals (pedestrians and traffic be damned), and entering every bank and convenience store in NYC to blaze a group of thugs.

Did I mention that you are the law enforcement? It's hard to believe it sometimes. The story is stupid, and the writing is hilarious. All the above quotes are taken from in-game dialog. Someone was paid to coin the word “headgold.” (In the interest of journalistic integrity, I have used “headgold” in multiple conversations since I played this game.) There is a huge cast of generic characters that are not really explored, seemingly added to provide opportunities to produce concept art. The actual story is disjointed, and almost impossible to follow; it jumps around like a terrier.

C.O.P. The Recruit is VD-Dev's attempt to bring the free-roaming Grand Theft Auto style to the DS. When Rockstar Games attempted this feat they created an isometric engine, and the result was a masterpiece. C.O.P. features a fully 3D, and enormous, New York City to explore (without a moment of loading). While technically impressive, it just doesn’t work on the DS.

C.O.P. is mostly just a driving game. The majority of missions ask you to either ram fleeing cars into submission, follow a fleeing car without falling too far behind, or racing from checkpoint to checkpoint within a defined time limit. When you're not in missions you're driving to them across the absolutely expansive NYC. The problem is that the cars control like barges, set adrift on the high seas (the game also features boats, which control even worse). It is very difficult to avoid endless collisions, each of which could ruin your attempt to complete whatever mission you're on.

The non-driving missions are either third person shooters or third person fire extinguishing. The targeting is controlled with the touch screen filling in for the analog stick. Moving the stylus around works much like a mouse in a PC first-person shooter. The problem is that Dan turns slowly, and aiming is imprecise. When you're on target a red halo appears around your enemy. However, I don't believe that means you're actually hitting the target.

Let me provide an example. Using a standard issue handgun, if the reticule is to be believed I unloaded twelve to thirteen shots into an enemy before he dropped. This wasn't a boss, this was a standard enemy. It is true that enemies take a whole ton of damage (entire clips from a Kalashnikov?), but the hit detection seems very sketchy. This leads to a lot of frustrating shoot-outs, where oftentimes you're heavily outnumbered. This can be alleviated as you unlock more weapons, but you need to make sure you have ample ammo at your disposable.

The graphics in this game really are impressive, perhaps the most impressive I've ever seen on the DS. The sprawling world whizzes by as you drive through the city streets. New York is diverse and colorful, the streets full of moving cars and the sidewalks clogged with pedestrians (and my car as I careen out of control). There is no sign of slowdown or loading. The graphics are fantastic.

The sound is not. The cars all sound like garbage disposals, although the guns sound fine. There is no voice acting to speak of, with the exception of the screaming pedestrians who you are subjecting to your drivers ed gone wrong. The music is technically fine, but just unpleasant to listen to. Featuring techno-inspired beats, they are repetitive and not good to begin with.

The core problem with C.O.P. is that it is unfinished. The “dramatic” story is comical: there is a large cast of characters that I don't know anything about nor do I care to, and the plot is confounding and hard to follow. The gameplay is unpolished: driving isn't fun and gunplay is defective. The sound is just not good. The game's shining moment is the engine, which is seemingly where most of VD-Dev's efforts were spent. C.O.P. is a forgettable title that had the extreme misfortune of coming out the same year as the vastly superior Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


Graphics Sound Control Gameplay Lastability Final
9.5 5 6 5 6 6

This is an amazing game, graphically. A fully 3D depiction of three NYC boroughs, with no slowdown or loading, is an amazing feat on any system, especially the DS. Colorful, varied, lively, and fluid are all words I would use to describe this game's graphics.


The music is bad, the sounds are average at best. There's no voice acting. There isn't much variety.


The controls work at the most basic level. However, it is not at all uncommon to find yourself fighting against the controls at the most inopportune times.


C.O.P. isn't much fun to play. There are only a few things to do in the game, and none of them play particularly well. You can play this game and get some fun from it, but it won’t be long before boredom or frustration sets in.


C.O.P. isn't a short game. Depending on how many times you fail it can probably be beaten in fifteen to twenty hours. However, the lack of variety and the game's annoyances make it unlikely that most will finish it. It is an explicitly single-player experience, so there are no multiplayer modes to add on to the game's life.


C.O.P. had a ton of promise. It is clear a lot of time and effort went into the game's graphics engine. That alone probably saved the game from being regarded as shovelware. The rest of the game is lacking the same polish the graphics received. That is too bad, because if it had this game could have really broken new ground: a fully 3D GTA-style game on the DS that would have been among the best on the system.


  • Headgold
  • Stunning graphics engine that literally blew me away
  • Cars control poorly.
  • Guns control poorly.
  • The game is about guns and cars.
Review Page 2: Conclusion


So is headgold better than a moneyhat? If Sony offers me headgold for exclusivity, should I hold out for Microsoft's moneyhat? Or how many moneyhats should I ask for?

ShyGuyNovember 25, 2009

I'm going to start using headgold all over this place.

What is the country of origin for the developers? With a name like VD, I'm guessing English isn't their first language.

As near as I can figure VD Dev is Spanish.

oohhboyHong Hang Ho, Staff AlumnusNovember 25, 2009

What's the headgold to moneyhat exchange rate? It;s important not to put all your eggs in one basket.

CyrianNovember 25, 2009

I got excited for a second when I saw the title thinking that this was a C.O.P.S. game...

ShyGuyNovember 25, 2009

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, whatcha gonna, whatcha gonna do...

jrlibrarianJeffrey Trewin, Associate EditorNovember 25, 2009

Why wasn't the name "Bomb Zombie" used in this review?  ;)

I may actually buy this just to experience the sheer headgold of it.

I couldn't work "Bomb Zombie" in.  This review had the unique perk of NOT being edited by one of our long-time staffers.  A major advantage, because Jon Lindemann would have removed the personality!


Are you kidding?  You aren't Zach.  Zach writes a blog, and then I turn it into a review.  I INFUSE it with headgold if you will.  Zach gives me gold, I make it HEADGOLD.

mac<censored>November 28, 2009

Quote from: NWR_Lindy

Are you kidding?  You aren't Zach.  Zach writes a blog, and then I turn it into a review.  I INFUSE it with headgold if you will.  Zach gives me gold, I make it HEADGOLD.

Thus, the stethoscope?

Quote from: NWR_Lindy

Are you kidding?  You aren't Zach.  Zach writes a blog, and then I turn it into a review.  I INFUSE it with headgold if you will.  Zach gives me gold, I make it HEADGOLD.

This review came back with a startling lack of edits.  I can find nothing else to attribute this to.

StratosNovember 29, 2009

You know, a month ago if you asked me what headgold was I would have told you to check your ears or a baby's scalp for it...

vuduNovember 30, 2009

C.O.P. = Criminal Overturn Program

It was in Nintendo's E3 presentation for crying out loud!

GearBoxClockNovember 30, 2009

Does it ever appear ingame?

Whenever Jon edits one of my reviews, I get away with a lot more than when anyone else does. I think Neal, Metts, Pedro, and anyone else would have removed the phrase "bouncing zombies boobs" from the RE:DC review. Jon kept it in. FOUR TIMES.

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