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by Neal Ronaghan - November 18, 2009, 8:11 am PST
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FIFA 10 for Wii is World Cup worthy.

My experience with FIFA games has been limited. As a long-time fan of the arcade soccer genre, FIFA's simulation-heavy experience has never appealed to me. However, FIFA on Wii has been undergoing an arcade-like transformation similar to Madden, and this year's edition is an awesome mix of the typical FIFA sim-like experience and a less serious arcade game.

The Wii version has a new cartoony art style that is evident the second you look at the box art. But don't let the art style fool you; this game is still a realistic soccer experience. You still play with all the standard rules and regulations, and you won't be able to get away with slide tackling everyone. Still, there are aspects that are very arcade-like.

For example, the set pieces (corners, penalties, free-kicks) are transformed into simple reaction-based mini-games in which players must shake the Wii Remote, or flick an analog stick if you play with a Classic controller, at the correct time to perform well. In lower difficulties, this makes it a lot easier to score during these moments against the computer. When you play with friends, this is a fun diversion from the regular gameplay.

Players can use any Wii controller setup they want. All of them work fine (my preference is to the Classic controller), but the Wii Remote and Nunchuk combo uses motion controls to shoot and slide tackle, which isn't as precise as a button press.

FIFA 10's premier mode is the new Battle for Glory mode. It is basically a light-hearted version of any kind of Owner or Manager Mode in other sports games. You pick a team from any number of leagues and then assume the role of the manager. From there, you can begin your quest for soccer domination and play through a season's worth of games.

This mode has some neat arcade-like additions in Manager Moments and Game Boosters. Before every match, your manager is forced to pick one of three statements before the game. It could be "We're going to win by four goals!" or "We're going to limit them to three shots on goal." Each one is assigned a point value from one to four, with the higher point values being riskier. If you complete the goal, your team gains a morale boost and you also gain Game Booster points. When you get four points, you get two random Game Boosters that range from common ones such as "Your goalie will have better hands for the next game" or rare ones such as "Your entire team plays with max stats for a game." These can also be combined to make even better boosters.

In addition to Battle for Glory, there is also a Tournament mode that is a more standard season-like mode. These tournaments, which range from the Premier League Championship to the Major League Soccer Championship, can be played alone, or you can play with your friends and control every team.

The two main modes use player profiles, which all feature different statistics for each player, which is splendid if you have a lot of people using the same system. Unfortunately, if you don't, there's no way to share the profiles except for the minimal online modes. You can compete in amusing two vs. two matches online, but they are all unranked. There are also one vs. one ranked and unranked games, and the online works fine despite being a little limited.

FIFA 10 is a fantastic soccer game that has all the gameplay of the HD versions with a nice touch of family-friendliness and accessibility. It's a game that walks the line between arcade and simulation with great ability and is tons of fun to boot. While long-time FIFA fans will likely gravitate towards the HD versions, the Wii version is an excellent addition to any soccer fan's game collection.


Graphics Sound Control Gameplay Lastability Final
9 7 8 9 8 9

The cartoony art style is smooth and pretty. There are also a lot of cool motion blur effects as the ball sails through the air.


The announcers in the game repeat their commentary, but they're never overbearing. The music and sound effects aren't too memorable.


Using every controller combination under the sun, the only sour spot of the controls is how a shake of the Wii Remote is used for shooting and slide tackling.


This game has all the rules and strategy of a realistic soccer game with a fabulous arcade edge.


With tons of teams and leagues, there is a lot to do as a single player. The multiplayer, which is compatible with every mode, is fantastic and easy-to-pick-up. The online modes aren't fully featured, but they're still fun, especially with a friend.


FIFA 10 for Wii is a wonderful fusion of simulation and arcade soccer gameplay that will appease fans of both styles.


  • Classic controller support
  • Nice and distinct art style
  • Wonderful combination of simulation and arcade gameplay
  • Motion control used for shooting
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jwbatesJanuary 02, 2010

Neal, are you 12??!!  This game is an extreme let down after 2009.  It is cartoonish, there is no longer control of free kicks, penalties and more and lacks realism.  What a joke of a game and to give it a 9/10 is also a joke in my opinion.

NWR_pap64Pedro Hernandez, Contributing WriterJanuary 02, 2010

Reviews are first and foremost opinions based on the reviewer's experience with the game. It involves personal preferences, knowledge prior to reviewing it and how the game presented itself during gameplay. In other words, if Neal thought FIFA 10 was worthy of a 9 its because he enjoyed it very much, and has the right to claim that in his reviews.

Its OK to disagree, but insulting his opinion doesn't help your argument. In fact, the one acting like a 12 year old is you. So next time, if you want to argue a review do so with your own opinions, not insults.

KDR_11kJanuary 03, 2010

Besides, I believe Neal loves arcade soccer.

KDR is correct. If you read my review, then you'd see that I actually liked the things you complain about. PS3/360 FIFA is good, and from what I've played and seen of this year's edition, it is better than the Wii version...if you're all about simulation soccer games.

FIFA 10 on Wii brings a little more realism to the table than most arcade soccer games, and I think it worked very well. Obviously it's not a 9 for you, but it was a 9 for me as this is the kind of soccer game that I enjoy the most.

Maybe my viewpoint will be different when I turn 13.

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