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Six Flags: Fun Park

by Neal Ronaghan - November 19, 2008, 10:17 pm PST
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A more accurate title for this game would just be Six Flags: Park.

The day I received Six Flags: Fun Park for review, I happened to be writing a news article about the closing of the game's publisher, Brash Entertainment. Even more foreboding is the fact that the developer of the game, 7 Studios, is currently suing Brash Entertainment. Having this kind of chaos behind the curtain was not a good sign for what appears to be one of Brash Entertainment's final games.

Six Flags: Fun Park is a glorified mini-game collection with a miserable adventure mode. Besides multi-card multiplayer, which I didn't get a chance to try due to the fact that it requires multiple cards, all Six Flags has is an adventure mode in which you journey through six worlds such as Six Flags staples Fright Fest and Hurricane Harbor. However, the only actual references to the famed theme park are the names of the aforementioned places.

Following an intro that consists of picking up garbage and pulling weeds, you are finally allowed to play the mini-games in the park. Some of these mini-games are food service jobs that you must play to earn coins. After earning coins, you use them to play other mini-games so that you can get tickets. Once you accumulate some tickets, then you can play mini-games that offer prizes. If the mini-games were fun, like the name of the game might suggest, it wouldn't be so bad. However, the game's controls are terrible. It is completely stylus-based, with only the start button being used for pausing, and uses four different stylus commands: Slide, Slide and Lift, Touch, and Circle. Every single aspect of the game uses a small variation of one of these control methods. There are over forty "action-packed" mini-games, but they only use four different control methods.

Aside from the mini-games, the bulk of the gameplay comes from dragging your pudgy little character around the lifeless environments and performing little fetch quests for characters with names like Bob the Janitor and Unlucky Lew. Basically, you go to a character who wants something. This character will then send you to another character, who might ask you to deliver a gift to another character. That character then forces you to solve a problem for them. After that, you follow the chain back to the original character with more stops along the way. What's even worse about this gameplay is that sometimes you have to win the bronze prize in one of the game's ticketed mini-games. If you happen to get a silver prize in a mini-game, you don't get the prize you need. I found myself purposefully doing worse at mini-games so I could progress through the main story. At one point I had to win a fish hat so I could talk to Herman the Merman.

Herman the Merman reminds me of one of the few good things about this game: it certainly has a sense of humor. While nothing made me laugh out loud, a few of the lines, specifically about all the goth kids in Fright Fest, did make me smile. However, that smile turned into a scowl shortly after when I was trying to get the bronze prize in a shark fishing game.

In summary, Six Flags: Fun Park is probably one of the worst DS games I have ever played. With mini-games that border on unplayable and little-to-no variation in gameplay, there is truly no fun in this game.


Graphics Sound Control Gameplay Lastability Final
3 4 2 2 4 2

It's a shame that the only recognizable thing about most characters is a color and their gigantic eyes. This is really just a mess of bad 3D graphics.


The in-game soundtrack is bland but each looping tune fits each world's theme. For example, Stadium City's theme sounds like it is straight out of a sports arena while Fright Fest's sounds spooky.


All of the controls in the game involve sliding the touch-screen across the screen and then tapping it. Nothing is really responsive and most times the lackluster control leads to frustration.


With stylus-only control, the gameplay consists of moving your slow main character around from person to person, occasionally playing terrible mini-games.


There's a lot to collect in this game, such as trophies, plush dolls, and collectable cards, but the only reward is wasting more time playing this game.


Despite fun being in the title, Six Flags: Fun Park is absolutely no fun. It has a bland adventure mode that is capped off by terrible mini-games with unresponsive controls.


  • Occasionally humorous
  • Picking up garbage is kind of fun
  • Lack of mini-game variety
  • Too many fetch quests
  • Ugly graphics
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AVNovember 20, 2008

COME on !!!!! Give it 1. Have some balls.

KDR_11kNovember 21, 2008

A 1 or 0 is for games that don't run.

This game is functional. It just sucks.

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Genre Party/Parlor
Developer 7 Studios
Players1 - 4

Worldwide Releases

na: Six Flags: Fun Park
Release Oct 21, 2008
PublisherBrash Entertainment
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