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GT Pro Series

by Steven Rodriguez - December 11, 2006, 7:39 pm PST
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The free steering wheel and solid tilt controls shouldn't fool you into thinking this dated game is worth your time or money.

When Ubisoft announced how many games they'd have available during the Wii's launch period, it was clear that most of them would be ports of GameCube games. One such game, GT Pro Series, is a port of GT Cube, a racing game that was never released outside of Japan. You'd think it would be great to get a chance to play something that Americans have never seen before, but there's a problem.

GT Cube was released in 2003, and it wasn't that good. It just so happens that I reviewed the game back then, giving it a “could-have-been-better" score. Did Ubisoft do anything to make the game better? Surely they would have done something with a three-year old game to polish it up for a re-release on the Wii. Right?


The only graphical difference between the three-year old GameCube game and Wii launch title is the addition of widescreen support. What looked like a first-generation GameCube game when it was released still looks like one, making for one terribly dated Wii launch title. Blurry textures, blocky backgrounds, ugly colors and muddy lighting are just some of the things you'll see while going through the game. The cars have a nice cel-shading effect on them, but even that is simple and could have been made to look better with the more powerful Wii hardware. It's bad enough that a Wii game looks like this, but the fact it was not improved upon from the original GameCube version is too great of an insult for me to ignore.

Since the rest GT Pro Series is unchanged from how it was set up in GT Cube (as explained in the review), just about all the issues in the GC version can be found in the Wii edition. Things are made much worse because of the antiquated nature of the game. The racing is boring because it feels like your car is just going around the track on rails. Moving up in speed class doesn't always mean you'll be racing against faster cars since you will be forced to participate in cups that use slower cars. Driving a minivan around in circles for seven minutes isn't fun, and that's what the game makes you do. Since you'll be hopping in and out of different cars all of the time, having to re-equip all the upgrades you've earned to every single car isn't cool. It doesn't help that all the menus are slow.

I'll spare you a description of how bad the game sounds. Trust me, it's bad.

The only thing developer MTO did to make Pro Series different from the GameCube version is to include tilt-sensitive steering controls for the Wii remote. I was actually quite surprised at how well it works. In stark contrast to every other aspect of the game, the controls are responsive and well thought-out. Tilt sensitivity and dead zone settings are adjustable. Though the game works fine without it, the included hard plastic steering wheel accessory makes the game feel a lot better. The only reason why I played this game for as long as I did was because the controls worked so well.

Don't let the offer of a free steering wheel fool you, however. It's obvious why Ubisoft commissioned this port: Quick and easy money. I find it appalling that publishers can get away with charging $50 on a game that might be worth $10 on a good day. The only thing you can do to let publishers know that we're not going to put up with this kind of crap is to not buy GT Pro Series, a task that should be easy considering the quality of the product. The last thing the Wii needs is GameCube ports of mediocre games. This system should have original titles that make use of the Wii remote and hardware from the ground up, not old GameCube games that weren't worth a look in the first place.


Graphics Sound Control Gameplay Lastability Final
2 1 8 4 6 3

Didn't anyone tell Ubisoft that the Wii is more powerful than the GameCube? Why didn't they get developer MTO to pretty up anything? The end product is exactly the same as the one that came out three years ago (which wasn't that good to begin with), but now that we're in 2006 and on a new system, everything is horribly dated. The cel-shaded cars are the only presentable objects in the game. Everything else—if you'll allow me—looks like shit.


Have you ever seen the movie Dumb and Dumber? Do you remember what the most annoying sound ever was? Imagine hearing that come out of your car as you hold down the accelerator. The music is equally as bad, but at least there are only three music tracks!


Believe it or not, the tilt controls really work. The best experience can be had when using the included steering wheel. Should you be unfortunate enough to be in possession of the game, you'll find that the method of control is the only reason to bother playing it.


The racing action isn't half-bad, but the tracks are just too large for most of the cars you'll be forced to drive. The game requires you to step into slower cars in the higher difficulty classes, breaking up the flow of the game considerably.


If you decide to press on through the entire game, there's a respectable amount of content to acquire. Four player split-screen multiplayer and time trial modes are included, though the boring gameplay will make it less worth your while.


When it was released on the GameCube three years ago, it should have been a budget title. Yet here we are in 2006, and Ubisoft decided to deliver to us a straight port of a dated game, charging full price to boot. What was near-mediocre on the GameCube is near-abysmal on the Wii. Don't let the free steering wheel deceive you. Stay away from GT Pro Series.


  • Steering wheel and tilt controls work well
  • Bad graphics
  • Bad sound
  • Boring gameplay
  • Having to review the same game twice
  • Paying full price for a years-old game
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NephilimDecember 11, 2006

I really enjoy it, thu i got it free with my wii
mainly enjoy i because I liked n64 era races, and this feels like one and the control is fun

Viewtiful marioDecember 11, 2006

Eventually Ubisoft won't be able to port previous generation games and since they've been pritty sucessful with original titles like Red steel and rayman, they should make original titles in the future.

Worst case sinario: the prince of persia game is a port of the two throwns, the controls in red steel 2 are the same as the previous one and all there games looks worse than an Xbox game.

Best case Senario: Ubisoft starts pulling up original, well controlling games that arn't ports, they create some new Wii spacific francises, and becomes Nintndo's Square-Enex (as in most of there major francises are on the Wii while other systems still get some things)

It's a shame, I really liked how the cars in GT looked.

PryopizmStan Ferguson, Staff AlumnusDecember 11, 2006

What's with all the spoilers?

MarioDecember 12, 2006

I'm really enjoying it too DeadlyD, the controls surprised me, they work so well. Sure the graphics are dated but I don't even care, there's no flaws or glitches in them. I just got it today so I can't say too much, but so far i've put 4 hours into it and i'm eager for more. I can understand most people not liking this game though, if you're not a huge racing nut like me. All i'm feeling about it now is pleasantly surprised. The solid racing gameplay experience earns this game at least a 5.0.

BTW there are actually 4 music tracks during gameplay. :p

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GT Pro Series Box Art

Genre Racing
Developer MTO
Players1 - 4

Worldwide Releases

na: GT Pro Series
Release Nov 19, 2006
jpn: GT Pro Series
Release Jan 11, 2007
RatingAll Ages
eu: GT Pro Series
Release Dec 08, 2006
aus: GT Pro Series
Release Dec 07, 2006

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