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Episode 95: Canine Take Your Order?

by Michael Cole and Jonathan Metts - July 19, 2011, 9:55 pm PDT
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Jonny and TYP dig up an episode full of listener requests for you to gnaw on.

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Did you like the third and fourth games? Let your fellow listeners know in TalkBack! Think you've got a better choice? Then send it my way and your request might be on the next episode of Radio Trivia: Podcast Edition!  Heck, throw in a question and specific songs if you want.  Just remember, it has to be a game found on a Nintendo system in North America (unless we say otherwise)!

This episode was edited by Michael "TYP" Cole. Intro music is copyright Jason Ricci & New Blood. All game music is copyright their respective owners.


Games featured in this episode:

Metroid (NES)
Dragon Warrior (NES)
Soul Calibur II (GC)
M.C. Kids (NES)
Spiderman: Mysterio's Menace (GBA)

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For the record, and as suggested by its publisher, M.C. Kids was actually a western-developed game. Check out this neat little blog entry about the game. When editing the episode, I recalled a presentation I sat through, perhaps at a Game Developers Conference, in which someone who worked on the game talked about how they had trouble getting marketing support from McDonalds because the franchise owners who knew nothing about games didn't like the the product because there wasn't nearly enough focus on eating McDonalds food.

The Japan-only "sequel" Jonny was thinking of is unrelated, other, than the franchise itself.

TJ SpykeJuly 19, 2011

I should point out that, despite popular misconception, game #3 is actually spelled as one word rather than two.

I suppose you want me to also type it in all capital letters, too? Looks like you're right, though. I'll make it CamelCase.

TJ SpykeJuly 19, 2011

No, I mean that officially it is not Soulcalibur. It doesn't really matter though, I am sure I will like this episode since I usually enjoy Radio Trivia.

The official and semi-official websites associated with Game #3 use either all caps or CamelCase. Not two words, as I originally posted. I hate all caps, so I've gone with CamelCase. Whatever :P

yoshi1001July 20, 2011

4. As TYP noted, this game was western developed. There was also a US-made sequel, as well as a "port" to Game Boy with the game being rebranded to use 7up's Spot. To top it all off, if you look at the credits to M.C. Kids, you'll notice Tommy Tallarico listed as QA, not music or sound (that was actually my idea for a trivia question).

It amazes me that there's a classic 1st party game that hasn't been done on practically every episode.

TJ SpykeJuly 20, 2011

I am not sure if I would call the first game a classic. Maybe at the time it came out it was, but it's a pretty crappy game now and hasn't aged well at all.

The online radio mentioned in this podcast can be found at http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/radio
I haven't been updating it recently, and we're looking for somebody who would be interested in managing the playlist.

roykoopa64July 25, 2011

Awesome episode as always! My fiance and I are really happy whenever there's a new episode, and we always wait until we can listen to it together.

I got game 1, 2, and 3. But I've never played game 4 and 5.

Yeah, it's cool we made it to episode 95 without having used game 1, NES Metroid before. That music still gives me goosebumps.

And I love game 2, Dragon Warrior. Years after it came out, I still enjoyed that game on the NES.

@MegaByte: Thanks for the link. Even if you haven't updated it, I love video game music radio.  ;D

randomflashbangJuly 26, 2011

Glad to hear #5! I almost forgot about that request till track 1 triggered latent memories of giant mallets, spikes and trying to get the final suit (trickier then the actual end boss.) I am little surprised to discover that the laughter vocal that is also being looped through that level was not actually integrated into the music. VV pulls all kinds of tricks to push their portable games presentations. Now I want to pull this out and maybe try the companion game on the dual cart I found it on, "Wolverine's Revenge." Thanks again for a great show!

Three for Five, baby!

SundoulosJuly 27, 2011

People always say that Metroid doesn't hold up, but I still love it.  It was one of the first games that put me in awe of what the NES could do.  I first encountered it at a friend's house, and I couldn't believe the depth of the game.  Up until that time, I was still playing games on my parents' old Atari 2600 (the 5200 had gone kaput a long time ago.)  The deepest experience that I ever had with that was playing Haunted House; I didn't know that a continuous mission that saved your progress was even possible.  Blew my mind, and I loved it when I finally got an NES and got to play it.  Once I found copies of Metroid and Zelda, I was in love with the system. 

To this day, the Metroids freak me out a little.

Unsurprisingly, the instrumentation choices of the music make Metroid sound a lot like Kid Icarus.  In fact, not knowing any better, I would have thought that the ending sequence song could have been from Kid Icarus.  I still think the music from Kraid's Lair is amazing.

I guess I was one of the few people to actually buy Dragon Quest.  I didn't know (or have forgotten) about the Nintendo Power offer, which is strange since I know I probably had a subscription by that point, already.

Metroid and Dragon Warrior have something in common for me.  My parents, who were normally very tolerant of my game playing, couldn't stand the music in either game because of the repetition.  I normally had to play them with the sound down.

My parents always shook their head at Metroid.  I don't know whether it was just the way colors displayed on our television, but they always thought that Samus looked like a naked guy running around the screen.  I wasn't about to tell them that Samus was a girl.

I love the music from game 3 as well.  I always liked playing the arcade versions of SoulCalibur, and the chance to play as Link in that world was too difficult to resist.  Never was very good at it, though.   I wouldn't mind if a sequel eventually made it to the Wii U.

BTW there IS a new episode in the works. I just haven't had the free time/energy this last week to do much editing thanks to a school paper.

Fatty The HuttSeptember 22, 2011

EDIT:: ACK, never mind, internet radio link is above.. (I am ann idiot)

Great episode, as always. Thanks.

Fatty The HuttSeptember 22, 2011

And for anyone interested, here's links to another internet radio site for video game music: Other Steve's Nintendo Music Radio:



Great stuff.

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