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Episode 90: Neal Before Me

by Michael Cole and Neal Ronaghan - April 4, 2011, 9:13 pm PDT
Total comments: 11

TYP and Neal discuss forgotten and not-so-forgotten gems, as well as how to thoroughly mismanage a video game franchise.

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Did you like the third game? Let your fellow listeners know in TalkBack! Think you've got a better choice? Then send it my way and your request might be on the next episode of Radio Trivia: Podcast Edition!  Heck, throw in a question and specific songs if you want.  Just remember, it has to be a game found on a Nintendo system in North America (unless we say otherwise)!

This episode was edited by Michael "TYP" Cole. Intro music is copyright Jason Ricci & New Blood. All game music is copyright their respective owners.


Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, The (SNES)
Pilotwings Resort (3DS)
Mega Man 4 (NES)
3-D Battles of WorldRunner, The (NES)
Dynastic Hero, The (Wii/TGFX)

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Retro DeckadesApril 04, 2011

Pardon me, good sir, but I do believe that you have the second game listed for the wrong platform.

Edit: Fixed! Well done!

FZeroBoyoApril 04, 2011

Went 3 for 5 this time.

Game 1 - Took me less than five seconds to recognize it.  :D  Really enjoyed this game, and I really liked the third song. As for the question, you turn into a rabbit in the Dark World if you lack the Moon Pearl.

Game 2 - Took me until the second song to realize I heard it before but was unsure until the third song started playing. Was one of the launch titles I got with my 3DS and I find it to be very enjoyable. Didn‘t get the question because I didn‘t play the Nintendo 64 game.

Game 3 - Took me about a minute to recognize it. Haven’t played the game that much but enjoy the soundtrack quite well because of the anthology of sorts that I found of it. The answer to the question is “Dustman”.

Overall, a pretty good episode, TYP.

TYP said Zelda 3 -- see, I'm not the only one!

Yup! I noticed while editing and knew you'd like that. :)

noname2200April 07, 2011

The day has finally come: I got a perfect score in Radio Trivia. Go me! :D

Anyhow, great work as always.  I agree with both of you in that I'd like the next Zelda game to be more oriented towards action than towards puzzles; the latter are nice and all, but they do nothing to add replay value for me. I don't want to turn this into the umpteenth Zelda discussion thread, but I hope the next installment brings back the balance featured in the game you included here.

I'm also delighted to know that my family did not in fact own the only copy of 3D World Runner in existence!  You hit the nail on the head when you called it highly flawed, yet strangely addictive. I remember how the later levels became absurdly difficult: it was 7 or 8 where half the stage was a pit where you had to be supervigilant about hitting the next spring-thing, something that required some luck or memorization since it was quite easy to jump too early or late and therefore miss the platform.  It's been about two decades, so I might be imagining this, but I remember that once in a very rare while you'd start up the game and instead of getting the usual start screen you'd get some bizzare skit, featuring chibi-fied versions of the characters. Am I on crack, or is this accurate?

The chibi-fied thing, I do not remember. That said, I only got past the world with the super giant pit once or twice. For all I know, that's part of the ending. I do recall your character having an odd animation / sitting in an odd way when the game is paused, though....

noname2200April 09, 2011

I looked it up afterwards, and it apparently it is the ending I was referring to. According to Youtube users, some copies had a glitch where starting the game occasionally took you to the ending when you started up the game. Considering how tough it got, it's the only way I'll ever see the ending.

roykoopa64April 14, 2011

I loved Song 3! Well, maybe because I selected it. Thanks TYP for choosing that game!

I got the first three songs, but I totally had no clue about songs 4 and 5.

I enjoyed hearing about song 5 in particular. Before I say anything about it, though... how do I use the spoiler tag?

to start, when you're done. Take out the spaces, obviously.

roykoopa64April 15, 2011

Thanks Shaymin.

Regarding song 5: Yes, the whole Wonder Boy thing is pretty confusing, and how the NES Adventure Island branches off from Wonder Boy on the Sega Master System. It's great that the so many of these games are available on the Wii VC.

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