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Episode 71: Turning Japanese

by James Charlton and Michael Cole - May 1, 2010, 6:42 pm PDT
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James Charlton rejoins Radio Trivia for a Japan update.

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This episode's games list is:

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia (DS)

Uniracers (SNES)

Resident Evil (GC)

Contra III: The Alien Wars (a.k.a Contra 3) (SNES)

Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! (DS)

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Did you like the third game? Let your fellow listeners know in TalkBack! Think you've got a better choice? Then send it my way and your request might be on the next episode of Radio Trivia: Podcast Edition! Heck, throw in a question and specific songs if you want. Just remember, it has to be a game found on a Nintendo system in North America (unless we say otherwise)!


famicomplicatedJames Charlton, Associate Editor (Japan)May 01, 2010

First of two podcasts with me this week.
This is the second time that I've gone ages without an appearance, then suddenly appeared twice.
I'm like a British bus.

Also, I just noticed that 2 of these games have different titles in the US/UK...interesting.

Now I've got the urge to play Uniracers again. Thanks!

Can't wait to listen! James C. rocked on a last-minute RFN appearance, which should be available later today.

I've loved OoE's music since the first time I played it at a Media Summit, but I wish they used better instrument samples... or at least released an orchestrated soundtrack.  I'm afraid it probably hasn't gotten the exposure it deserves due to lack of sales.

Yay! I guessed 3 right!

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