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Episode 44: Bleeding Ears

by Michael Cole - December 24, 2008, 4:38 am PST
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Old songs bring in the New Year.

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A new challenger, Jared, approaches!

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Subscribe through the Did you like the third game? Let your fellow listeners know in TalkBack! Think you've got a better choice? Send it my way and your request may be the third game next Radio Trivia: Podcast Edition! Heck, throw in a question and specific songs if you want. Just remember, it has to be a game found on a Nintendo system in North America (unless we say otherwise)!


This podcast was edited by Michael Cole.

Music for this episode of Radio Free Nintendo is used with permission from Jason Ricci & New Blood. You can find them in the iTunes Store. You can also purchase their new album, Rocket Number 9, directly from the record label, or call your music local record store and ask for it!

All game music used during Radio Trivia is copyright their respective owners.


DAaaMan64December 24, 2008

AWESOME, Thanks TYP. Come on people! More comments!

CalibanDecember 24, 2008

Best podcast on this site.

DAaaMan64December 27, 2008

Bump for awesomness. The guest on the show was good. Also, I submitted a couple more requests. I'm gonna go write an Itunes review now. :D

Isn't there anyone else who listens to this!?

I'm finally catching up with this episode (after TYP and I recorded the next one).  Does anyone else think Jared sounds a bit like Evan Burchfield?  Makes no sense, considering they're from opposite ends of the country, but I can't quit hearing the similarity.

Game 1 -- Stumped me even though I own and love it.
Game 2 -- I rented this game once, and the discussion brought back some memories.  It was definitely frustrating to play.
Game 3 -- Awesome music.  I played this at some point and remember thinking it was really cool, so I'd love to check it out again.

Yeah, I kind of hear it. Not nearly as hyper bold as Evan (or Obi), though :)

Nick DiMolaNick DiMola, Staff AlumnusJanuary 07, 2009

Oh my god, Game 2! My brothers and I had this game growing up and played quite a bit of it. I couldn't put my finger on it, but I knew I had played it on the SNES. Pretty awesome to see it come up on RFN, nice choice Jared!

This was a great episode, lots of good game and song choices. I liked Jared, though it took him a couple games to really come alive. I look forward to hearing him on another episode!

UltimatePartyBearJanuary 16, 2009

I rented game 5, and even though I liked it, I found it too difficult to play to buy it.  Not only was hit detection on your character kind of weird, but your default weapon did not produce visible projectiles, making hitting enemies unpredictable.

I fondly remember the quiz show part.  My favorite question:  Who would win in a dogfight between a Spitfire and a Harrier?  Flamin' Yawn can Spitfire, but the Queen is Harrier.

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