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Pokemon Dash

by Ben Kosmina - November 15, 2004, 1:25 am PST

The only game where you can dash in a balloon.

Ambrella, the developers that brought you the likes of Hey You, Pikachu! and the entrancing Pokémon Channel return, this time bringing you a flagship Nintendo DS title about Pokémon racing, called (strangely enough) Pokémon Dash. Typically with Ambrella, "bizarre" is the first word that springs to mind when trying to figure out what on earth it's all about.

From what little information has been gleaned, Pokémon Dash is a racing game in which you control the Pokémon of your choice (provided your choice is either Meowth or Pikachu, but hey, I've got no problem with Meowth). You control the aforementioned Pokémon by brushing the stylus forward repeatedly in the direction that you wish to go. Most of the race takes place on the ground, but then...you seem to acquire a giant Pikachu Head Balloon (as one might presume Team Rocket would have) after which you go sailing around the countryside. The top screen displays what appears to be a radar, with any Pokémon that are near you being represented by Poké Balls. The bottom of the top screen also appears to display the distance between each racer in the overall track.

While the game itself sounds like it may leave something to be desired at present -- to be fair to the title, there's barely any information on it at all -- it certainly sounds like Ambrella is creating another oddball Pokémon title that makes little or no sense whatsoever, thus making it an instant cult favourite. Rumours have been circulating that if you plug in an existing Pokémon Game Boy Advance Pokémon title while you have Pokémon Dash running, you'll be rewarded with an extra track. This could provide a bit more entertainment as gamers scramble to dig out their older Pokémon games and see if they get anything new from them. Here's hoping that there will be more depth to the title than simply flicking the stylus forward constantly.

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Genre Action
Developer Ambrella
Players1 - 6

Worldwide Releases

na: Pokemon Dash
Release Mar 14, 2005
jpn: Pokemon Dash
Release Dec 02, 2004
RatingAll Ages

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