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by Ben Kosmina - July 16, 2002, 3:12 am EDT

Get ready to destroy your opponents with one of ten bloodthirsty maniacs in Saffire's upcoming fighter!

Saffire's upcoming game Barbarian is an action-fighter where players can choose to be one of ten different characters. Each character comes with their own unique background story, along with their own arena to fight in. Along with this, there are over 300 side quests to pursue, a non-linear story to follow for your character, RPG elements so that you can build up your character in various areas.

Features (as mentioned on the game's homepage) include:

  • 10 different characters each with their own massive storyline and quest.

  • 10 huge multi-level figthing arenas.

  • 300 different story branches.

  • RPG Character upgrade system depending on experience earned.

  • Upgradable attacks and magic combos.

  • Interactive environment : Almost every object appearing on screen can be picked up (depending on your lifting ability), thrown or used as a weapon (including other characters).

  • Additional mini-quests with new fighting rules.

  • Sophisticated tutorial.

  • Multi-Player Combat Mode including 1-4 players fighting simultaneously and 2-8 characters fighting on screen at the same time.

    From the way it's being described and the screenshots seen so far, my best guess is that Barbarian will play like a 3-D Super Smash Bros. with a complex story. The reason being that you can interact with all sorts of objects and characters, up to eight characters can fight onscreen at once, and there are many different areas to fight in. According to the game's page, you have to search for each fighting arena, so it sounds like there is an overworld to explore as well, possibly with even more enemies to fight and earn experience with to improve your character. Barbarian sounds like a really interesting game, and one to keep an eye out for when it comes out.

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    Genre Fighting
    Developer Saffire
    Players1 - 4

    Worldwide Releases

    na: Barbarian
    Release Cancelled
    jpn: Warrior Blade: Rastan vs. Barbarian
    Release Mar 27, 2003
    eu: Barbarian
    Release Mar 12, 2004
    PublisherVirgin Interactive

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