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North America

PK: Out of the Shadows

by Michael Cole - July 12, 2002, 4:00 pm EDT

But who is PK? Come find out in this preview.

Probably unfamiliar to most, Paperinik (PK), or Superduck in the UK, is a comic book series created at Milan, Italy’s Accademia Disney and is an European favourite. As PK, Donald Duck is transformed into a mighty superhero fighting in a sci-fi world. American gamers will finally get to meet Donald’s other self in Disney’s Donald Duck as PK, and Disney Interactive and Ubi Soft are doing their best to make sure it’s an accurate representation.

Staying close to the printed source, PK’s mission is to keep the evil Evronian aliens from invading and destroying Earth. As the scenario suggests, the comic book series and Ubi Soft’s game both focus on over-the-top sci-fi action. Thanks to the help of Computer One, PK has a full arsenal of futuristic gadgets, all of which he must use to breach the enemy’s defenses and foil their plans. PK’s crazy gadgets include the X-Transformer, Jet-pack, Iron Fist, and Remote X-Transformer as well as the PK Car. Donald can also “Rex-swing” through the air, just like Batman and Spidey! PK features cel-shaded graphics to help keep the comic book style intact.

The game will include four different areas, including Duckburgs’ own Ducklair tower, Area 52 (actually located underwater!) and the Evronian Battleship, menacingly parked in the Earth’s orbit. But our superhero will need to be careful if he is to defeat Commander Zondag and counsel member Zotnam and get our planet out of danger. The feathered hero with the strange name comes to North America for the first time this fall.

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Genre Action
Developer Disney Interactive

Worldwide Releases

na: PK: Out of the Shadows
Release Dec 01, 2002

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