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F-Zero: Maximum Velocity

by Jonathan Metts - June 1, 2001, 5:19 pm EDT

F-Zero comes blazing to the Game Boy Advance! The game that inspired other futuristic racers such as Wipeout and Extreme-G makes a comeback on Nintendo's exciting upcoming handheld.

If you liked this recent news story, you’ll probably get a hoot out of this preview update to F-Zero Maximum Velocity. It seems pretty clear, that Pit from Kid Icarus will appear in Smash Brothers in some way, shape or form as part of Super Smash Bros. Melee., either as an item or a playable character. Is this indication that “the Kid” may be making a comeback? We wish -it’s still somewhat of a stretch to get our hopes too high yet. Still, we have some even more distantly related hint, oddly enough one that ties into a hot GBA launch title, F-Zero Maximum Velocity.

This is something we heard about a little while ago but just didn’t run. Well, Nintendo got us a copy of F-Zero Maximum Velocitiy (oh thank you) and now we can confirm something very cool. One of the tracks in the game is called “Icarus Circut.” Which (if memory serves) it is in a cloud level. Billy confirmed this for me and apparently, so did the latest issue of Nintendo Power. (D’oh, I shoulda mentioned it earlier!)

Again, we caution not to fill those depends just yet or try to ask your retailer to pre-order the next “Kid Icarus.” Nintendo has referenced other franchises in F-Zero X for N64, by having a Mario look-a-like with “E, A, D” attributes or having a dead ringer for Fox McCloud among the alien racers. Still, the cool name definitely does not go unnoticed by us PGC geeks!

Last updated: 03/22/2001 by Max Lake

F-Zero Advance was one of many Game Boy Advance titles that was set to allegedly feature "One Cartridge Play," i.e. multiplay for up to four people (on four GBAs) with only one copy of the game. While F-Zero Advance and other GBA titles do feature "One Cartridge Play" it is certainly much more limited than we were originally led to believe:

"For example, in F-Zero, you can only play one course of the game (there are more than 15 courses in the full game) with 'One Cartridge Play.' Full multi-players games can only be realised when using 4 of the same game."

What a gyp! Perhaps it was too much to expect but one still can't help but feel we were led on a bit.

Regardless, F-Zero Advance should be awesome. Look for impressions soon as PGC staffers get their import GBAs!

Last updated: 03/21/2001 by Jonathan Metts

NCL's website has released two new screenshots showcasing the Dirty Joker and Stingray vehicles. This brings the confirmed total of vehicles to six, although we don't know if all six are available from the start or if perhaps these two new ones have to be unlocked. There may be others waiting to be unveiled also. Our import copies will be arriving very shortly, and we'll try to get an updated vehicle total as soon as possible.

Last updated: 03/17/2001 by Max Lake

Just prior to its release in Japan, F-Zero Maximum Velocity for GBA has been given a Silver Dendo ("Hall of Fame") award by Famitsu. We're a little bit confused why other Nintendo GBA games haven't received awards, though one reason may be that the beloved gaming mag does not devote much attention towoards handheld games. Still, this is a very good sign that F-Zero Maximum Velocity is going to rock.

F-Zero for GBA was also recently mentioned when the boys at IGNCube openly speculated (in a Q&A update) that F-Zero Maximum Velocity will connect in some way to a NGC version of the game. We suspect as much too, though they are privy to stuff we aren't, so this is a good sign.

Overall, F-Zero Maximum Velocity is shaping up to be the ultimate GBA launch title both in Japan & the U.S. come June. We're sure fans of the F-Zero series will be happy with this game. A few Planet GameCube staffers will be importing this white-hot game with their GBAs so we'll have some hands-on impressions on it soon.

Last updated: 03/07/2001 by Mike Sklens

The game name has been changed to "F-Zero: Maximum Velocity."

Last updated: 01/16/2001 by Jonathan Metts

Incredibly, Nintendo has now announced that F-Zero Advance is not a port of the original SNES game but a brand new game. Taking place 25 years after the first F-Zero, Advance chronicles the competition among descendants of the old characters, like Captain Falcon. FZA contains totally new tracks and vehicles, many of which have to be unlocked from within the game. The graphics actually look better than F-Zero on SNES, and if all this wasn't enough, Nintendo has put in the ultimate F-Zero goodie: four-player mode. Oh hell yes! This is sure to be link cable heaven, friends. F-Zero Advance is still slated as a Japanese launch title, and in fact it probably won't have any direct competition from other first-party games, because it looks like Mario Kart Advance has been delayed a few weeks. We'll have more info on this exciting title as soon as possible!

Last updated: 01/12/2001 by Max Lake

The January 2001 issue of Nintendo Power confirms that F-Zero Advance will be a launch title for the GBA. Looks like we'll be getting some hovercraft racing action sooner than later! For those of you who never played the original (F-Zero X is quite a bit different), it was driven by then-revolutionary Mode 7 graphics. The selection of tracks was impressive even by today's standards, and I can promise you, the game took no prisoners: VERY difficult on the advanced circuits and tracks. You chose one of four vehicles, each with its own eccentric racer behind the controls. It will be interesting to see if Nintendo adds any new cars or tracks to this remake.

Last updated: 01/12/2001

The GBA software line-up is shaping up nicely, especially with news that a handheld version of F-Zero will grace the console. At present, it seems that F-Zero's appearance on GBA will be simply a port of the original SNES classic. This is just fine and dandy, though Nintendo hopefully won't overlook to include multiplayer, via the GBA's link cable. Of course, the game could also be a new game wearing "16 bit" appearance, similar to Mario Kart Advance. We'll keep you posted on the details...

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Genre Racing
Developer NDcube
Players1 - 4

Worldwide Releases

na: F-Zero: Maximum Velocity
Release Jun 10, 2001
jpn: F-Zero
Release Mar 21, 2001
eu: F-Zero: Maximum Velocity
Release Jun 22, 2001
aus: F-Zero: Maximum Velocity
Release Jun 22, 2001
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