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Hanasagi Gaassen

by Max Lake - January 10, 2001, 7:59 pm EST

The title of this quirky game roughly translates into “Flower Blooming Competition.” No real details have been released on this game, though the name alone suggests this won’t be a game that sees release outside of Japan.

In our attempt to cover all things NGC and GBA, we can’t overlook some of the quirkier titles of Nintendo’s own Game Boy Advance line-up. Among these games is Hanasagi Gaassen. Nintendo have yet to release any official screens or info about this game, or mention when it is coming out. However, it is one of the many titles they are preparing for GBA. All that can really be said of now is that the game’s name means “Flower Growing Competition” and that the setting of the game will likely reflect this.

As details of the game are released, we’ll do our best to provide additional information. However, it is very unlikely that this game will be released in the US or anywhere outside of Japan. That is, unless it features completely revolutionary gameplay that makes something like flower growing engaging. Of course, before I saw the show Iron Chef, I had no idea anyone could sensationalize cooking to the point it becomes fascinating—leave it to the Japanese I suppose. Until more info “blooms” that’s about all we know.

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Genre Simulation
Developer Nintendo

Worldwide Releases

jpn: Hanasagi Gaassen
Release TBA

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