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We Cheer 2

by Pedro Hernandez - April 29, 2009, 11:44 pm PDT
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Namco Bandai is ready to bring it on again on the Wii.

As evidenced by our review, We Cheer proved to be a very solid concept done right. Without any time to waste Namco Bandai has announced a follow-up with twice the pep, twice the cheer, and twice the charm: We Cheer 2.

As in the first title you will use two Wii Remotes to simulate the movement of pompoms. With each hand you are required to perform a series of moves as indicated by brightly colored on-screen trace lines. The better you do the higher your score gets. As with any dance and rhythm game the moves get harder as you progress. The successful completion of each stage nets you new songs, stages, moves, and other bonus features.

We Cheer 2 offers various modes of play. Training polishes your cheerleading skills while Exercise Mode lets you burn calories away with the power of cheer. Championship Mode works as the game’s main single-player mode. Finally, multiplayer allows up to four players to bring it in style.

One of the new features We Cheer 2 touts is a deeper customization of your on-screen cheerleader. You can choose everything from outfits and pompoms to hair styles and facial expressions. Players can customize the entire squad to their liking in this manner, promising more opportunities for personalization and creativity than its predecessor. Also brand new to We Cheer 2 is the inclusion of male cheerleaders for your squad (the first game featured all-girl teams).

We Cheer 2 is warming up for a fall 2009 release in North America.



mac<censored>April 29, 2009

I'm mystified by some of the youtube "related videos" ... the "Fat Santa" video?!

(hmmm... power of cheer... burn away calories... fat santa?)

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Genre Rhythm
Developer Namco Bandai

Worldwide Releases

na: We Cheer 2
Release Q4 2009
PublisherNamco Bandai
RatingEveryone 10+

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