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Tiger Woods PGA Tour '08

by Mike Thomsen - August 13, 2007, 9:19 pm PDT
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Can this year’s version take golf to the next level?

There are few games more instantly suitable for the unique capabilities of the Wii Remote than golf. Since the revolutionary controller was first revealed almost two years ago, fans of the proverbial “good walk ruined" have been eagerly hoping that someone would translate the finesse and intensity of the sport to Wii. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07, the series’ first Wii iteration, got off to a good start but wasn’t quite as immersive or revolutionary as diehard duffers were hoping for. Now, a speedy five months later, EA is preparing to release Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 for Wii promising to improve on Tiger 07 in almost every way.

The key for any golf game on Wii is the motion controls and Tiger Woods 08 promises a number of subtle but significant improvements to its core swing controls. The basic swing mechanic works exactly as you would expect it to, hold the Wii Remote like a golf club, swing it back, and then drive it forward again to send your ball on its fateful course towards the fairway. New for this year’s game is added sensitivity for the speed and overall strength of your swing that aims to add a new layer of nuance and strategy for seasoned-players. The harder and faster you swing the remote, the farther your ball will travel.

EA has also worked on making the hook and slice mechanics more responsive in Tiger Woods 08. Players can twist the Wii Remote to the left or right before beginning their swing to affect the angle of the club head during the swing. Keeping the remote at that angle throughout a complete swing will deliver either a slice or hook, allowing experienced players even more options for approaching some of the game's most demanding courses. Players again will use the remote’s IR function to move an aiming cursor around each hole in order to choose a target for every shot.

The putting game also promises some new additions, giving players a timed preview putt option when on the green. Players will be allowed to take a few “practice" putts while a timer runs down in order to get a better feel for how the ball will behave on the green. Once the timer runs out, Players will have to take their putt for real. Another new upgrade for Tiger Woods 08 is the confidence system. The game will take your character’s overall strengths and weaknesses, the shot’s degree of difficulty, and your past performances on similar shots into account, then translate all of that into a confidence rating. The higher your character’s confidence the easier it will be to ace the shot, while a lower rating will make it tougher to hit the ball just right.

Tiger Woods will come with a full compliment of game modes, including quick play, career mode, multiplayer, and lots of Wii-centric mini-games. Unlike EA’s other Wii sports titles for this Fall, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 won’t support WiFi play.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 is set to ship in North America on August 28.

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Developer Electronic Arts

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na: Tiger Woods PGA Tour '08
Release Aug 28, 2007
PublisherElectronic Arts
jpn: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08
Release Nov 08, 2007
PublisherElectronic Arts
eu: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008
Release Aug 31, 2008
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aus: Tiger Woods 2008
Release Aug 30, 2007
PublisherElectronic Arts
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