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Avatar: The Last Airbender — The Burning Earth

by Steven Rodriguez - June 13, 2007, 10:51 am EDT
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We've got the first details on the new Avatar: The Last Airbender game.

THQ UK has released information on the sequel to last year's Avatar game. The sequel, titled The Burning Earth, will be based around the events of the animated TV show's second season, where Aang and crew head for the Earth Kingdom in an attempt to stop the Fire Nation from gaining control of it.

Katara and Sokka will again tag along during the adventure, as well as Toph, the blind earthbending girl, and Jet, the hooksword-wielding freedom fighter. And for the first time, players will also be able to engage in some real firebending. Zuko and Iroh of the Fire Nation will also be playable in the game, though it's not known in what capacity. Also true to the show, Momo and Appa, Aang's flying friends, will have levels of their own, featuring “dramatic air battles."

A sticking point of the first game was a lack of multiplayer. That has been addressed in The Burning Earth, because you can now play “with a friend," according to the game's fact sheet. This implies that only two players can play at once in the sequel, even though there was a party of four characters in the original. Could it be that two players will control four characters, or will there only be two player characters on-screen at once? We don't know. But at least it's confirmed that co-op multiplayer is in the game. In addition to the main quest, THQ is also planning to add an arena mode where players can fight competitively using a variety of characters. Hopefully this mode will also be multiplayer.

The Wii version of Avatar: The Burning Earth is scheduled to release this fall. DS and GBA versions are also planned, and should release at the same time.


theratJune 13, 2007

THE GREAT RAT WILL NOW PREDICT THE FUTURE. Ok, well, i LOVE the show, and was pretty let down by the lame excuse for the game. And instead of thinking about all the great things the next version of this game will be, i will now tell you what is WILL be. The MULTI PLAYER MODE, will, ok, ready now...., will ONLY be a lame arena fighting mode. story mode will still be single player. there will also only be two moves again, and there will be a huge lack of variety in anything. This game WILL be as painful as the last one, but hordes of unknowing kids will still buy it, thats why these companies still make these games. i bet everyone who is on the team really doesn't CARE about gaming, they are a corporate snob run agency that pumps out things to sell with no real love of gaming/the show behind it. ID LOVE TO SEE THX take a real gamer to their headquarters and answer a real gamers question about why they left so much out. i bet their answer would just be "Ya, know, time restrictions" which is bull crap IMO. Who cares WHEN the game is released. If the made a new game now based off a cartoon 5 years ago, but made the game AMAZING, it would still sell like hotcakes... these people just don't care, they get money to not care. the majority of the industry is like this. I never understood why developers never release betas and take in constructive criticisms first....almost all great games do this before they release it. /rant

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na: Avatar: The Last Airbender — The Burning Earth
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