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Episode 57: Denouement

by J.P. Corbran, Andy Goergen, and Zachary Miller - June 18, 2011, 9:34 am PDT
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In the hectic post E3 race, Neal and Nathan are unavailable, and so J.P. is called upon to join us in giving our thoughts on he latest developments of all things Nintendo.

Afterwards, Zach gives his thoughts on Dead or Alive: Dimensions, and we begin to trail off in a million directions. Sound familiar? Tune in!

This podcast was edited by Andy Goergen.

Music for this episode of NWR Newscast is used with permission from A Boy Named Earth.


JasonMaiviaJune 18, 2011

It seems like every Nintendo podcast have now become a Sony/Microsoft podcast.  I guess it shows how crappy Nintendo console game support have become over the years.  No one wants to talk about them as much as the other consoles'.

better games = more topics to hit on

It's still a nice podcast to listen to.  Thanks, guys.

I'm not sure I understand why that particular criticism follows this episode.  We spent 30-40 minutes talking about 3DS games and Wii U potential, and then spent another 20 minutes talking about fighting games on 3DS.  While a bit of time was spent talking about Rockstar games toward the end there, much of it was focused on Bully, a Wii title.

JasonMaiviaJune 18, 2011

I didn't say that I disliked the show, it's just that as the years roll on, more and more podcasts spend a lot of time discussing what's fun on the Xbox and PS3.  Its gotten to a point that the podcasts aren't nearly as Nintendo-focused as they could be.  Now, if there were many more games worth our while on the Wii, for example, there'd be more of a connection with Nintendo gamers, or more specifically, Wii-only gamers.

It's not the fault of the podcast crew.  Not at all.  You're gamers who love talking about games, and that's why I love listening to the show, and i like having new voices joining in.

  Thank you.

I think what Andy's saying is that this particular episode was almost entirely focused on Nintendo, so your comments don't really apply. There's nothing wrong with discussing the other platforms, but we didn't really do that much in this episode.

PraefectiaJune 18, 2011

Listening now.

Only podcast on the whole of the internet I care about.  :)

We did a fair bit of cross-platform talk, which I don't have a problem with. I don't think JasonMaivia does, either, he's just lamenting the lack of completely-Nintendo-focused podcasts out there. My recommendation? RFN, but even they talk about cross-platform stuff. Hell, stick with Newscast. LOL

As someone who listens to both regularly, Newscast is more consistently Nintendo-focused than RFN, though Newscast is more prone to big tangents, making it seem like more than it actually is.

I think a bit of cross platform talk is good, and often times interesting in regards to newscast and RFN. I like hearing about the games from a Nintendo gamers perspective. They often cite things about games that are sometimes overlooked by other gaming outlets, or highlight what Nintendo focused people might either enjoy or not enjoy. It also keeps you in the loop in regards to whats going on in the industry as a whole, thats if you dont listen to multi-platform podcasts.

I always pictured JP sounding like Hank Scorpio. This podcast ruined everything.

It would be awesome if I sounded like Albert Brooks. Even better if I had even one tenth of his comedic skill.

Quote from: Praefectia

Only podcast on the whole of the internet I care about.  :)

You are my new best friend.

Retro DeckadesJune 20, 2011

It was fun to hear a new voice on the Newscast. Perhaps J.P. can return in the future.

Also, I lament the fact that he's not big on Super Mario World, although I would have to agree that nostalgia probably plays a big factor in peoples' opinions of that game. However, I don't imagine that playing it first on the GBA did him any favours -- I do not like any of he changes they made to that port (aside from portability). On the other hand, I do think that it is a very creative Mario game -- crazy enemies and levels, plenty of hidden areas, etc.

NeoStar9XJune 20, 2011

Curious as to how playing Super Street Fighter 4 3D just on Easy works out. That was the only game that I really regret buying at the 3DS launch. I feel lied to in the end. That game is in no way shape or form accessible to new players or those not good with fighting games. I don't understand how those lies could have been told in reviews and that's in regard to Street Fighter 4 as a whole across all systems. It's the only 3DS game I've resold and good riddance.

Thinking of giving DoA a try but it's low sales have me worried if it will be worth it in the end seeing as single player online might not make the purchase worth it.

CericJune 20, 2011

I thought SSFIV was pretty Accessible hmmm... I have no Headphones today so I'm not listening yet but, Insanolord this makes Planet Tri.. Radio Trivia the only one you haven't been on yet?

I haven't been on RFN either. And given how many times I've insulted the people on that show on these forums (mostly Lindy and Crimm), I'd be surprised if they let me.

CericJune 21, 2011

Are you sure...
Who am I thinking of then.  They weren't staff and they came on.

Well I suppose if you want to get really technical, I have been on RFN, as I was one of the call-in guests on RFN Live. And I was at PAX the first year, but I didn't ask a question or anything, though Jonny did make a comment about my shirt when I walked in.

If you enjoyed my appearance in this episode, you'll be excited to know that I will also be in episode 58. And if you didn't like my appearance in this episode, I don't care what you think, and am glad you'll have to suffer through me again.

CericJune 24, 2011

Starting humming Sunshine theme.  I actually halfway expected someone else to chime in with the next part.

I'm a new voice.

Insano use a Voice Changer but, I can't say much.

I like Sunshine and I do like the watergun.

The Church of Pikmin is happy about the Transfer screen.

But you sold it.

I really want Kid Icarus now that I saw the trailer.

Monster Rancher 2.

It took them a Generation.  Forget 6 Years.

But then a locked clear vision might be a problem.

Its already having a brand problem.  Nintendo needs to establish WiiU is a new more powerful console.  A tool that allows you to use as much or as little of it as you want.

But a play map or the Pokemon choices (like in Stadium) would really take nothing because their static.

I'm hoping they Force Motion Plus.

You haven't seen the Funhouse thread for WiiU usage.

Mindscape.  Fight for some Mindscape.

I would find the thread to link where I bought mine, I talked about it on the forums.  I bought mine for the Hardware backward compatibility.

Definitely not that evening.

Death to Insano.  Plus when are we getting the Epic Newscast Zelda Showdown?

Ok what is this Guitar and where is my old Nintendo ads?

I thought the 3D in Street Fighter was correctly done for the style of game.  Makes it look like your playing with Action Figures.  I think Easy is good till the Rival.

Easy with the moves on the touch screen is fun.

What Game is suppose to be renting?  I can't seem to catch the name. 

L.A. Noire ok...

Pheonix Wright did that all the time to me.  I had a bit of evidence that proved what they wanted but, it wasn't the specific one they wanted.

The Original GTA's are somewhat better for me.

Neil Slacking off :P:

I hate getting the closing Credit half way through the game.  I consider the credits the end.

I did Gamefly because of that problem.

I am missing 1 Star in Galaxy and I have no compulsion to finish where it was because it was just frustrating.

I hate Mario64. Loved Sunshine.  I like the DS remake of Mario64 well enough.

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