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Episode 46: Countdown to Launch

by Andy Goergen, Zachary Miller, Nathan Mustafa, and Neal Ronaghan - March 26, 2011, 9:07 am PDT
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Neal has had a 3DS now for a week, and dishes on how the system is holding up.

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Episode 46 is back to full strength, and back on time! Neal has his Nintendo 3DS and it's time to start talking. He talks about all the wonderful 3D games he's played so far, and also about all of the features bundled into the system.

Andy talks about his latest review game, Remote Racers on DSiWare. Spoiler alert: it's not good. Zach rounds out the show by talking about his latest retro pickup, but you'll have to listen to find out what it is.

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This podcast was edited by Nathan Mustafa with help from Andy Goergen.

Music for this episode of NWR Newscast is used with permission from A Boy Named Earth.


AVMarch 26, 2011

should I listen BEFORE I get my 3DS tonight or AFTER?

UltraClaytonMarch 26, 2011

When did you go to the Mall of America? I was there on March 17. Didn't go to Best Buy though.

Neal, i heard you mention Dorney Park.... I live about 40 minutes away, have you ever been there

SupaKirbMarch 26, 2011

I think I'm going to un-preorder my 3DS.. Noting personal, but I want to wait till something happens, either game wize or new hardware wise. I don't know why I was in a jump to preorder in the first place.

So does anyone know if it's Okay to get my 50 bucks back from my preorder? Will stupid gamestop give me store credit or what?

Quote from: Patchkid15

Neal, i heard you mention Dorney Park.... I live about 40 minutes away, have you ever been there

Yea. I'm over in New Jersey, so those Pennsylvania theme parks were vacation destinations when I was a kid. I vastly prefer Hershey Park, though.

AVMarch 26, 2011

more than likely store credit. The thing is you may not be able to find a 3DS for a while so you may find it difficult to find it later. Also the next 3DS version will probably not hit until 2013 at the earliest.

GBA: June, 2001
GBA SP: March 2003
GBA Micro: September 2005

DS: Nov 2004
DS Lite: June 2006
DSi: April 2009

3DS: March 2011

So that would mean that 3DS next version will more than likely come Summer 2013. Just something to think about

You guys need to have more conversations about Chrono Trigger so it'll get released on VC faster. In the meantime, the DS version is $13 on Amazon.

FZeroBoyoMarch 29, 2011

If I recall correctly, you said the 3DS will stop playing music if the system is closed? Working just fine for me, even when closed. Either my memory's fuzzy or Nintendo fixed it. =P

Overall, I am really enjoying my system. Great episode, too.

EDIT: I think it's this: the music will keep playing if you're using headphones. If not, the music will stop.

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