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Monster Cable GAMELINK 300 GC

Now play with higher resolution, increased detail, and more vivid colors, thanks to Monster’s advanced GameLink 300 GC S-Video cables.

The best way to ensure your TV displays all of GAMECUBE’s outstanding graphics is by using Monster’s advanced S-Video cable technology. S-Video is the preferred high-performance connection because it sends the video signal in separate Chrominance (color) and Luminance (brightness) channels. The result? A brighter picture both sharper and richer in color. It also cleans up “dot crawl”–that annoying flickering along object edges. GameLink 300 uses advanced technologies like injected nitrogen gas to ensure the best S-Video signal possible.

Your GAMECUBE is superior when it comes to audio quality. GameLink 300 GC maximizes that sonic performance so all 64 simultaneous channels come through loud and clear. In fact, very loud and clear. With GameLink 300 GC’s patented electronic technologies like Bandwidth Balanced® multiple-gauge wire networks and DoubleHelix® construction, you always enjoy the fuller, richer audio effects that the GAMECUBE can deliver.

So why not play with the best picture and sound possible? With GameLink 300 GC, you’ll experience all the thrill and performance your GAMECUBE was designed to deliver.

Developer Monster Games

Worldwide Releases

na: Monster Cable GAMELINK 300 GC
Release Nov 2002
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