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Raging Justice (Switch) PAX East 2018 Preview

by Casey Gibson - April 16, 2018, 5:04 pm PDT
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A nostalgic rather than retro side-scrolling brawler.

The side-scrolling brawler was once king of the arcades and early home consoles, but has since seen a decline in popularity. However it was not lost to Nic of Makin Games, who is bringing it back to the Switch with what he calls a, nostalgic over retro approach. Often developers want to bring a truly nostalgic feeling in both look and feel, but instead Raging Justice brings the gameplay of a classic brawler with a modern and stylized look.

Upon firing up the game there are two modes to choose from, the first being story mode and the other being the brawl mode. Story mode puts you up to the task of clearing stages one after another with a number of lives and continues. The unique thing is that while playing you’ll have the option to play as a good or bad guy, by either arresting certain targets or by beating them into oblivion. Your actions will affect the ending you get which helps promote replayability. There’s even a local multiplayer option to play with a friend. The brawl mode is much less forgiving, allowing only one life and an endless wave of baddies. The goal here will be rack up a high score to see how you stack up on the online leaderboards.

If you’ve ever played a classic side-scrolling brawler, then picking up Raging Justice will instantly feel familiar to you. After getting into the game, it only took a short period of time to feel like I had a grasp of the moveset. There are a number of kicks, punches, jumps, and throws to take down any enemy thrown your way. But it wouldn’t be much of a brawler if you didn’t have a plethora of objects to hurl at your foes head. Luckily for us, trash cans, fire hydrants, knifes, and the likes are all in the fray giving you some big damage dealing options when you’re in a pinch. They set out to have a nostalgic feel and it most certainly achieves that, but as far as the modern look, it’s something I didn’t particularly love. The pre-rendered graphics didn’t really grab me and the animations of the enemies are a bit strange to look at.

You can watch our gameplay video to see if the graphics are something that might tickle your fancy because if they do and you’re looking for a bit of a nostalgic trip, Raging Justice might just be for you. It launches in just a few weeks on May 8, so make sure to check back for our review in the coming weeks.

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Genre Action
Players1 - 2

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Release May 08, 2018
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