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Gamescom 2017: Flipping Death Left Me Smiling and Just Incredibly Impressed

by Daan Koopman - September 19, 2017, 10:31 am PDT
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Seriously, can I have this game right now?

As a big fan of Stick It To The Man, Zoink Games are one of the few companies that can do no wrong. Their sense of adventure and style is present in all their games, which is rather impressive. When I got the chance to play their new game Flipping Death, I was seriously overjoyed. As a spiritual successor to their Wii U hit, it has all the trappings of one of my most anticipated games.

If you ever played Stick It To The Man, you will sort of know to expect. You walk around in 2D sidescrolling environments and try to solve puzzles. In the previous game, puzzles would be solved by a mysterious hand, but the concept goes a lot deeper here. You will play as Penny. After a bizarre accident, she ended up dead and became a new helper of death. Now she has to solve the problems of the undead and explore the mysterious Flatwood Peaks.

How does she do this exactly? Well, she possesses the living in the direct area and use their special abilities to push forward. In one of the puzzles you will help a ghost captain renovate its ship. You will to need to find paint and bring it to the boat, but how? The physics of the characters seem weird, so full on direct control looks impossible. Well, try to find a guy licking on a lollipop and drag him over to the bucket. He will now forcefully lick all the goo and paint the boat with his almighty tongue.

In my twenty five minute demo, the usual mix of platforming and exploring was present. Where Zoink Games has improved this new game is purely its writing. Never have I had more fun trying out the different characters and seeing what they brought to the table. In my early moments, I decided to possess a dentist and throw my drill at anyone I would come across. Every character would run away in fear, which is all pretty hilarious in motion.

Flipping Death is quite beautiful to look at. With every game they make in this style the team seems to raise the bar. You will notice it in the character animations and backgrounds with the lush usage of color. Zoink Games knows what they are doing and they have perfected this way of design to a point.

So yes, I am pretty pumped for Flipping Death in my life. While I don't want to spoil many of the puzzles I played, I have to say that I was never frustrated. Better yet, it put a grand smile on my face all the way through. The style and gameplay have me gushing a plenty and I know that this team is more than capable. Honestly, it just comes down to when we can expect this. May I hope for early 2018?

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Game Profile

Genre Adventure
Developer Zoink AB

Worldwide Releases

na: Flipping Death
Release Aug 07, 2018
PublisherZoink AB
eu: Flipping Death
Release Aug 07, 2018
PublisherZoink AB

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