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Mighty Gunvolt Hands-on Preview

by Daan Koopman - August 22, 2014, 4:14 am PDT
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A short but sweet freebie that tries to tickle that 8-bit fancy.

Mighty Gunvolt is a free downloadable game for the people who decide to download Azure Striker Gunvolt within the first three months of sale. Immediately, it tries to reel you in with a very classic 8-bit look and the game does so very effectively. The pallets are simple but filled with colors and delightful little touches that make it pop on the screen. The music is kept classic as well, despite some complexity found in the notes.

Gameplay wise, it is the 2D side-scrolling style you would expect and it kind of plays away like a Mega Man game. You will move about, shoot at enemies and make use of your special abilities to snag some goodies. These special abilities are different for each of the playable characters and this makes exploring the game multiple times interesting. Beck from Mighty No. 9 can dash and duck, Gunvolt has a double jump and an endless special attack and Ekoro from GalGun can fly and shoot arrows at a rapid pace. During your first play through, you will quickly found out which works best for you. My go-to guy for a quick round is Gunvolt because his moves compliment the levels quite well.

Mighty Gunvolt is just five levels long and has nothing further on offer. I wouldn't mind that so much, being a freebie and all, but the game is not that difficult to beat. It is fun to replay levels, best your score and potentially post them on Miiverse, but after the while the challenge factor fades. I am not an amazing Mega Man player and I managed to beat it rather quickly. Another important thing to mention is that you will mostly fight enemies from Azure Striker Gunvolt. While that sounds exciting, it is more a matter of ''be careful what you wish for''. With simple patterns, it does not take you long to realize what you need to do.

Mighty Gunvolt seems like a fine free experience, but it won't last. It is not overly challenging and once you are done, you are pretty fulfilled. It is an intriguing snack though and I am three levels away from beating Mighty Gunvolt with every character available. It tickles a fancy for more classic side-scrolling action, which I will get out Azure Striker Gunvolt and later on perhaps Mighty No. 9.

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Genre Action
Developer Inti Creates

Worldwide Releases

na: Mighty Gunvolt
Release Aug 29, 2014
PublisherInti Creates
jpn: Mighty Gunvolt
Release Aug 20, 2014
PublisherInti Creates
RatingAll Ages
eu: Mighty Gunvolt
Release Apr 02, 2015
PublisherInti Creates
aus: Mighty Gunvolt
Release Apr 02, 2015
PublisherInti Creates
RatingParental Guidance

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