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The Amazing Spider-Man Ultimate Edition

by Jared Rosenberg - March 4, 2013, 9:39 pm PST
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Spider-Man is ready to make witty quips on the Wii U. 

I recently had the opportunity to demo the final retail build of The Amazing Spider-Man: Ultimate Edition. In the game, players can explore a virtual Manhattan and fight famous Spidey villains like Scorpion and Rhino.

The Wii U port of The Amazing Spider-Man, originally released last year to coincide with the release of the film, adds a few interesting features. Fans of Off-TV Play will be happy to hear that they can play the entire game on the GamePad. The game looks quite nice on the GamePad screen, and it's easy to switch the action from your television to the GamePad.

While roaming across Manhattan, the GamePad displays a large map of the city, with your current destination and other important areas highlighted. The one indoor section I played did not have a map, and instead just had a Spider-Man symbol on the GamePad.

The other big Wii U-specific addition is the the ability to use the Wii U GamePad as Spider-Man's OsPhone. The OsPhone is basically a series of menus on the GamePad where players can read emails featuring useful hints, read statistics about the their progress, and manage upgrades. You will immediately know when an upgrade is available thanks to a small on-screen prompt (that doesn't seem to fade away unless followed) asking you to hit the minus button to make your upgrade selection. Each of Spidey's upgrades, such as Combat Boost and Web Bounce, are represented by large icons on the Wii U GamePad, and are easily upgraded with a touch of your finger or the stylus.

The Wii U version of The Amazing Spider-Man also ships with four additional gameplay packs that were originally paid DLC for other consoles. These gameplay packs are instantly accessible from main menu and include things like online leaderboards, and Spider-Man creator Stan Lee as a playable model.

As far as my eyes could tell, the game's visuals were identical to those featured in the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game, though I did notice a little bit of screen tearing while playing.

I had a fun time with the The Amazing Spider-Man during my short play session. The combat was fast and fluid, and it's always fun to swing around a virtual New York. Those looking for quick dose of Spider-Man action will likely have their desire satiated by this version, but shouldn't expect to be amazed by the Wii U enhancements.


Fatty The HuttMarch 05, 2013

I borrowed the PS3 version from the local library last year and played a couple of hours of it. I really enjoyed it and have meant to pick it up ever since. I am pleased this version, essentially a GOTY edition, is coming to Wii U. Hooray for Activision continuing to support the Wii U.

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