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by Aaron Kaluszka - December 31, 2012, 12:41 am PST
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Pixel demonstrates his diverse game design abilities with an old-school vertical shooter.

Ikachan is Daisuke Amaya's next upcoming 3DS update, but another title, Guxt, isn't far behind. Straying from the adventure type of game that Amaya is best known for, Guxt is an old-school style vertical shooter. That is, there's no bullet hell, but it's brutally hard.

Guxt plays much as you would expect -- shoot the enemies and don't get hit, and it reminds me of the Star Soldier series with its variety of artillery. There are a number of types of guns, and some shoot backwards, which is good since some enemies don't only arrive from above, but they pop up below. You can store and switch between two types of guns. The gameplay spans both screens.

Since the split in the middle of the screen isn't the most optimal way to play a vertical shooter, Guxt offers a true vertical mode for the shooter purists. Players can hold the system sideways, and the game will take place on the top (now left) screen. Here you control with the Circle Pad and fire with the D-pad or touch screen. Weapons can be changed using the L button or touch screen controls (which were not yet implemented in the early version shown in the video below).

Like the other Nicalis-published updates, Guxt will be adapted and polished for the 3DS, and additional levels may be added. It has been completely revamped from the muted blue tones of which Studio Pixel is known (though the original version will be available), and it includes a rocking chiptune soundtrack. 

Due to its difficulty, Guxt is probably less approachable than other Pixel outings, but if you're looking for a true old-school shooter experience, give it a shot.


LittleIrvesJanuary 01, 2013

Why is video no available?  This looks excellent. After Fluidity: Spin Cycle, I'm hoping more eShop games embrace the opportunity to use the 3DS's other features and just make it 2D if the style of game doesn't require depth. More book-style games, yes!

Pixelated PixiesJanuary 01, 2013

There are a couple of things about Nicalis as a publisher that rub me the wrong way, but this sounds kind of cool.

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Genre Shooter
Developer Nicalis

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na: Guxt
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