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Batman Begins DS Pak

by Daniel Bloodworth - June 6, 2005, 11:48 pm EDT

Is that a Batman cigarette case? No, those are styluses.


Part two of my adventure with the mysterious Batman box involves the Nintendo DS. The DS package is similar to the SP Pak with a glove-like console case, a skin, a pair of screen protectors, and a slim game case that holds six games and two styluses.

The game case would probably be the best accessory in either package, if not for one crucial flaw: it’s too tight. While you certainly don’t want games flying everywhere when you open a case, the case’s design is so tight that you almost risk damaging your game cards by attempting to squeeze them into the spaces. The stylus isn’t as hard to get in, but does take quite a bit of effort to get back out.

The DS console skin is just like the SP’s. There are a variety of “collectible” art designs available, and since each is made of paper, you have to be careful not to tear it. The adhesive doesn’t leave any residue, and the skin seems easy to remove and re-apply later.

The game case (or glove) features rubber movie logos on the front and back with fabric edges and clear plastic on the inside. It feels soft and comfy around the edges, but it’s even more impractical than the SP case. The main reason for this is the glove’s plastic completely covers the touch screen, making precise controls impossible. Although there is a hole cut in the rubber, it’s still difficult to access the volume control. Plus, the rubber prevents you from being able to play while charging the battery.

I didn’t personally try out the screen protectors, but they appear to be like those included in most other kits with the added promise that, like the skins, they won’t leave a sticky residue if you take them off. As is the case with some other screen protectors, the protector for the touch screen has a slightly smaller area than the screen itself, leaving room to remove it, but slightly constricting the play area.

In all, the DS package really isn’t any better than the SP Pak. I thought for a brief moment that the game case was kind of slick, but I learned otherwise when I actually tried to put something in it.

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Developer Mad Catz

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na: Batman Begins DS Pak
Release Jun 15, 2005

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