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escapeVektor: Chapter 1

by Aaron Kaluszka - May 17, 2011, 2:05 pm EDT
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Let me 'point' you in the direction of a new retro-styled WiiWare title.

Nnooo's latest WiiWare game is a decidedly retro title with inspiration from arcade games like Pac-Man, Tron, and a bit of Every Extend Extra and Rez. In the first in a series of games, players find an entity named Vektor who is trapped inside the Wii's CPU, and in an abstract way, they must help him escape.

The "CPU" is made up of series of interconnecting rectangles, or "cells," of various sizes. Using the Wii Remote in NES configuration or the Classic Controller, players control an arrow, which travels along the edges of these cells. All lines must be traversed in order to open a door to escape. The concept is simple, but very engaging.

The CPU is trying to prevent Vektor's escape, and along the way, he must dodge a variety of enemies. Some are simple sentries, who follow a specific path. Others will actively pursue when players get near. There are also off-grid towers that shoot projectiles. Later levels introduce gates that open and shut deadly electric fences, which can be used strategically by Vektor and foe alike.

Over the course of the game, players will earn the ability to speed boost, with a meter that is powered by completing lines. Tracing entire cells awards detonation bombs, which will send shockwaves that destroy nearby enemies.

Chapter 1 features 30 levels across five worlds, and a bonus world for those who have purchased Nnooo's other WiiWare titles. Some levels have multiple exits, which can be uncovered by tracing extra lines that appear after the completion of the main part of the stage.

Though the base game is simple, there are several extra layers of challenge. Medals can be earned in each level; bronze, silver, gold, and platinum levels are based on players' scores. Players can earn a star on each level by not detonating any device, which is easy early on, but becomes more challenging later as faster and smarter enemies and tricky pathways appear. The game's dynamic changes when not using bombs and going for the high score, requiring more planning and quick reflexes, but providing a more rewarding feeling of surviving near misses. There are lots of bonuses and achievements as well.

escapeVektor features a catchy dynamic chiptune soundtrack, that changes based on what is going on in the level. Simple, yet flashy "vector" visuals, punctuate the retro arcade nature of the game. The game also makes heavy use of the Wii Remote speaker, which is a nice touch.

escapeVektor has the right balance of simplicity and challenge that makes for a great arcade-style experience. The only complaint with the game I have is that Nnooo sent me a preview copy without all the levels accessible, and I want to play more! The game is set for release later this year.


LittleIrvesMay 18, 2011

Looks pretty cool, actually. And quite an in-depth walkthrough. Neat to have it all on video. Curious what the price will be....

CericMay 18, 2011

The Style its using in the Video would be interesting with the 3D on the 3DS.

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Developer Nnooo

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na: escapeVektor: Chapter 1
Release Q4 2011
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