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Tech Demo: 3D Hopping

by Jared Rosenberg - June 17, 2010, 8:40 am EDT
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This demo should have been called cat hopping on a hot tin roof.

The main purpose of this tech demo was to demonstrate the same gameplay on the top and bottom 3DS screens in both 3D and 2D. In the demo you played as a cat and hopped up a series of floating platforms. The cat was moved around with the analog stick and was constantly hopping on a pogo stick.

There were only about three levels in the demo and each of them could be completed in under 30 seconds. I didn’t think the 3D effect was super pronounced, but it did help a lot with judging the jumps from platform to platform when compared with the 2D version.

The graphics were far from anything special. It was basically a set of about ten semi-transparent platforms that were a few different colors. Some platforms hung in the air above others so the cat could hit his head.


LouieturkeyJune 17, 2010

3D Q-bert confirmed?

Not quite, although I don't doubt that such a game could easily be made.  The fact you can compare 2D to 3D so directly made this a really interesting demo.  I mean, it's obviously not a retail title, so this is probably the only time it will ever be playable, but it's very cool

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