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by Jared Rosenberg - June 10, 2009, 12:15 pm PDT
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The multiplayer mode will be eerily familiar to anyone who has played Quake or Unreal Tournament on the PC.

C.O.R.E is a first-person shooter that takes place in the year 2048. The story follows the elite military commando Jason Crane as he enters an underground lab, which mysteriously ceased all communications with the outside world. The game was released in Europe this past March and will see a North American release on July 7.

At publisher Graffiti Entertainment’s E3 booth I had the chance to try out the game’s multiplayer mode. While I only got to play deathmatch against a single Graffiti Entertainment representative, the game does support up to four players in multiplayer. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the multiplayer mode was basically Quake for the DS.

The controls closely mimicked those used in Metroid Prime Hunters. You moved about with the D-pad, while aiming was accomplished by moving the stylus on the touch screen. The L button was used to activate your primary fire while the R button triggered your secondary fire. To jump you needed to double tap the touch screen. The controls seemed to work fine except it was very difficult to reach the R button in the middle of a firefight.

The deathmatch map I played was set in outer space and looked like it could have been taken right out of Quake 3: Arena or Quake Live. It consisted of a small number of floating platforms that you could navigate by jumping, using teleporters, or even acceleration pads, small pads that launch you at a fast speed in the direction they’re facing. In addition, the usual array of weapons were available including rockets, pistols, and plasma rifles.

During my battle I was constantly being gunned down. At one point I was able to get an invincibility power-up that helped me survive long enough to get a kill. The final game will have other power-ups such as invisibility. Along with deathmatch, players will also be able to face off in team arena and capture the flag.

The framerate seemed to be pretty high and made traversing the arena a smooth experience. On the other hand, the character models and the environment seemed low polygon and weren’t very impressive to look at.

Even though I wasn’t very good at the game I had a lot of fun hopping around the small arena and shooting a variety of projectiles. Players will be able to enjoy local play with all ten multiplayer maps and modes using just a single DS card. Unfortunately, the game will not have an online mode.

C.O.R.E. will also have a 15 level single player mode. The multiplayer mode plays great but the game’s worth will be decided by its single player quest.


KDR_11kJune 11, 2009

It's one of those games that occasionally have screenshots show up on websites but nobody seems to notice them much... Sounds like an interesting game so far.

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C.O.R.E. Box Art

Genre Shooter
Developer NoWay Studio
Players1 - 4

Worldwide Releases

na: C.O.R.E.
Release Feb 24, 2009
PublisherGraffiti Entertainment
eu: C.O.R.E.
Release Nov 21, 2008
PublisherNoWay Studio
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