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Wii Sports Resort

by Zachary Miller - June 4, 2009, 4:39 pm PDT
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Toss some Frisbees and ping some pongs!

Today I got to sit down (er, stand up) and play two Wii Sports Resort games: Frisbee and Table Tennis. Both are ridiculously fun.

I play Ultimate Frisbee almost weekly back home, so I was curious to see how the Motion Control Plus would mimic the game. You can choose from two different types of Frisbee games: dog catch (where you aim for a target) or Frisbee golf (frolf). I chose the former, as the rep was reluctant to let me play through an entire round of frolf. It apparently takes a very long time.

Frisbee is a little like Bowling: you hold down the B button to hold the Frisbee, then move your arm (and body), and let go when you want it throw. What's impressive is that the Motion Control Plus seems to recognize whether your body keeps moving after you threw or when you stopped the second the frisbee leaves your hand. Turns out, it makes a difference. If you want to throw straight 'n' true, you need to pull back and fling the Frisbee forward, releasing it right where you want it to go, and stop moving. All your momentum is thrown into your arm, and the Frisbee hit dead center twice for me, and just outside the center target a few other times.

You are scored based on how close to the target you get, and getting into the center ring promps the virtual dog (who is adorable) to leap into the air, grab the Frisbee, and do a flip. He's a very enthusiastic pooch. The game gets tougher when balloons start cropping up, begging to be popped with the Frisbee. You're scored based on how many points you accrued after ten tosses. It's a great game.

Table Tennis goes by quick, but it's awesome. The game plays as you'd think it would, but the Wii Motion Plus allows you to put spin on the ball, and it recognizes whether you're using a backhand or forehand motion. It's easy to put too much spin on the ball, or put spin on it when you should be hitting straight--it takes some strategy and some getting used-to, but Table Tennis is infinately more approachable than Wii Sports Tennis, which was not well-grounded in reality.

Wii Sports Resort is really coming together nicely. What's most impressive to me is that each game "category" (there are 12 right now) has two or three variations on that particular game.


Michael8983June 04, 2009

I think this title will be a big hit not only among the obvious casual non-gamers but among Nintendo's most hardcore of fans as well. No more waggle mini-games, this is legitimate 1:1 ratio controls with fully fleshed out games modes if the impressions are any indication.

DAaaMan64June 04, 2009

Ya I really want this as well.

At least there are more than 4 sports in this one :)  These interest me the most:

Sky Diving,
Wave Race

rbtrJune 04, 2009

I've gone from zero interest, to wanting this very badly.  The demos at the conference really sold this for me.

I can't wait!

AVJune 04, 2009

i just reserved it because it might be a fun for parties and an excuse to get motion plus.

Now I am actually very hyped for it and want to play it badly. Some of the 3rd parties may not know exactly how to make it work, but I am confident in Nintendo. I am also glad that Nintendo does seem to put more effort into fleshing out the game with activities and modes. I hope ONline is sneaked in, but I doubt it

decoymanJune 05, 2009

<3 Frisbee/Ultimate/Disc Golf... but I've already been on board w/ WS:R for a long time. Get released already!

NinGurl69 *hugglesJune 05, 2009

Anything that destroys noncasual gaming.  Bring it.

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