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by Chuck Jose - June 2, 2009, 3:28 pm PDT
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I checked out the game's Table Tennis, and the Motion Plus adds a whole new spin to the game of Ping Pong.

I got a chance to check out Wii Sports Resort's table tennis after Nintendo's conference, and I came out quite pleased with what I played. It's played with only the Wii Remote and fully takes advantage of the MotionPlus. Before even serving I started testing out the gyroscope and seeing what it could do. For the most part, it's one to one having the Mii's arm position mimic mine. It detects whether I'm about to hit the ball normally or with a backhand, adjusting the Mii accordingly. To serve, you can either press A or flick the Remote, and as it floats down you have the option of normally hitting it or slicing it adding a spin to the left or right. It feels just like Wii Sports: Tennis, and I had no difficulty serving the ball every time. The difficulty came when rallying back and forth.

With the small real estate of the game's table, I had to react faster when the ball was returned. I was constantly on my feet anticipating where the ball would end up next. With that anxiety, I found myself getting more involved and actually moving my whole body for each hit. I never felt like that with Wii Sports Tennis at all. The same childlike state I had the first time I tried the Wii came right back, and I was excited for every rally.

You actually need to hit the ball with the right moves or else it could go out of bounds or hit the net. I could do either a power hit or slice, but if I missed, I knew it was more than a timing issue.

The game felt nicely polished, and I could definitely find myself playing it for hours. I'm looking forward to more hands-on time with the other games Wii Sports Resort has to offer.

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Genre Sports
Developer Nintendo
Players1 - 4

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na: Wii Sports Resort
Release Jul 26, 2009
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