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Monster House

by Jeff Shirley - May 11, 2006, 4:16 pm PDT

I wonder if the Discovery Channel could sue them.

At first, I thought Monster house was very reminiscient of Resident Evil 4. This was while I was watching the man in front of me player before I actually picked up the controller. After actually playing the game, I can say that my initial impression was somewhat false.

The game's premise is that these children are get trapped inside a strange house. Somehow this ends with them arming themselves with water guns and taking to the house with guns squirting. The movement is similar to RE4, but in RE4 you had the privelege of actually aiming your shot before you took it. Here, you just squirt in the general direction of an approaching enemy. It sounds simple because it is simple.

I played as far as I could before I found a door with no key, or maybe that was the end of the demo, I wasn't too sure. There didn't seem to be much in the demo, although I saw another part being played by the guy in front of me. I didn't hear much music, possibly because it is low-tempo and moody to set and atmosphere, and South Hall where I played it, was not. I did hear the shrill screams of the children in the cutscenes beforehand though, and thought they were quit irritating.

THQ says this game is 70%, so maybe there is a possiblity of redemption. Much more work is needed on this bland adventure game.

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Genre Adventure

Worldwide Releases

na: Monster House
Release Jul 18, 2006
RatingEveryone 10+
eu: Monster House
Release Aug 04, 2006
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