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Turok: Evolution

While everyone else was scratching their heads on the future of the Turok series before E3, our cat-astrophic rumors editor, Louie broke news that the next Tuork game would be coming to GameCube, versions on other platforms were a possibility and that early footage of the game was seen circa SpaceWorld.

Today, PGC met with Turok project leader, David Dienstbier of Acclaim Austin who confirmed much of what Louie said previously. The new Turok game is in development, but is called Turok Evolution opposed to “Turok 4.” Turok Evolution will indeed be coming to GameCube, what’s more while there is the possibility of the game appearing on the other two platforms (and there is a build of it running on all three) the only platform that has been confirmed is GameCube.

The “evolution” in the title is appropriate – the game will be a prequel, taking place before the previous Turok games and will serve as a springboard for all future Turok projects (should there be any). Turok Evolution will return to the roots of the series both in its wilderness settings, particularly jungle, and its emphasis on putting the “killing dinosaurs” back into “Dinosaur Hunter.” Niiiiiiice! It looks it too. The trailer of the game we had lots of dinosaurs , including ones with missile launchers strapped to the back. Dinosaur humanoid creatures were shown being mowed down by chain gun. Turok was also shown diving off a cliff and swimming, with a massive aquatic dino-creature swimming past him. Most of what was shown was animal shots and environment shots and although the trailer was admittedly early (could this be the footage Louie mentioned was circling around SpaceWorld?) it looked great. Jon Metts wanted me to mention in particular the effect of sunlight not only being reflected off the water but also the refractions of the sunlight because of the disturbances in the water.

What else could David D. tell us about Turok Evolution? “Not much,” he said, being secretive as usual… But he did confirm that although the Turok team has considered implanting a “third-person” view for the series in the past, it will not be implemented into the new game except for portions of the game where Turok flies on the back of a Pteradon, which will be in third-person perspective. More dinosaur riding? Sounds VERY cool!

We don’t know what kind of weapons will be used (David wouldn’t give us any hints) but they will be destructive, there will be new ones and both blood and death animations (absent from Turok 3) will be back. Another bit of good news: Turok Evolution will have multiplayer.

Turok Evolution will be released in 2002, around the 3rd of 4th quarter of the year. Stay tuned to PGC for more information on the game as we get it!


Genre Shooter
Developer Acclaim
Players1 - 4

Worldwide Releases

na: Turok: Evolution
Release Aug 31, 2002
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