Author Topic: Gorgeous Dungeon Crawler Tangledeep Gets Huge Content and Expansion Update  (Read 287 times)

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Tomorrow, a really great roguelike with awesome customizable difficulty gets a whole lot bigger.

Tangledeep on Switch came out more than a year ago on Switch, but on March 26, a sizable content update will add the Legend of Shara expansion pack ($8 on PC) for free, as well as an additional paid expansion and a plethora of tweaks and bug fixes.

The game's lead developer Andrew Avera noted that "nearly 50%" of the game's revenue comes from the Switch release, which is what motivated the free expansion being offered on Switch.

Legend of Shara introduces a new character and story mode as well as remixed bosses and different progression. In addition, the expansion also raises the level cap, adds a new playable job, and much more. The other parts of the update bake in some of the fixes and refinement from the PC version.

The $5 paid expansion Dawn of Dragons focuses a little bit more on end-game content, ramping up the difficulty with secret bosses and dungeons.

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