Author Topic: March Nintendo Switch Online Update Features New NES Games, Tetris 99 Tourney  (Read 512 times)

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With the grand prize of a free $9.99 to put toward your Switch Online sub.

Nintendo has laid out the plans for the March update to Switch Online, which will have a bit of variety.

The NES games added to the service will be Kid Icarus for all territories, while the Western territories will receive the unreleased-in-Japan Star Tropics. Japan will instead get Konami's 1985 proto-fighter Yie-Ar Kung Fu and the original Fire Emblem.

A special Tetris 99 tournament will also be held from March 8 - 10, in which the 999 players in the world with the most wins ("Tetris Maximus") will each receive 999 My Nintendo Gold coins.

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Well, at least one of those NES games is actually considered "good". Never got around to playing my copy of Startropics on the Wii VC.
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This would be quite the accomplishment to add to my resume.
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I'd be happy to win Tetris 99 even one time.
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Awesome news about the Tetris tournament.

Does anyone remember the similar promotion for Tetris Party on WiiWare?  It was awesome. A friend gifted me Tetris on WiiWare, and then I managed (pretty easily) a winning score each time. Best gift ever, as it ended up landing me a bunch of free games.

Jealous that I don't have a Switch yet (although not that jealous - we have a ton of games in the backlog I still really want to play).  Good luck to all who enter!
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I'm a little surprised they're actually offering gold coins as the reward and not the platinum ones like usual.

I never did complete StarTropics, maybe I'll give it another go with save states. I never got past the opening climb with Kid Icarus, but even save states probably can't save that game...

I'll probably try fumbling through Fire Emblem out of curiosity and give up after ten minutes.