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PAL WiiWare Update
« on: July 08, 2008, 02:06:14 PM »
WiiWare week on the Wii Shop Channel brings My Pokémon Ranch, Pop, and DLC for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King.

 The bi-weekly update schedule for WiiWare in PAL territories continued last week with two new games and additional content for the WiiWare launch title, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King.    

My Pok√©mon Ranch (1,000 Wii Points) connects wirelessly with Pok√©mon Diamond and Pearl for Nintendo DS, allowing players to store up to 1,000 of their Pok√©mon in a ranch where they can be photographed interacting with Miis.    

From developers Nnooo comes Pop (700 Wii Points), a bubble-popping high score challenge that debuted as a launch title for WiiWare in North America. Chaining bubbles of the same colour is the key to reaching higher and higher scores, which can be uploaded to online leaderboards and included in messages to friends via WiiConnect24.    

Finally, Square Enix has released additional content for My Life as a King through Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Pay & Play. The list of features includes further dungeons, costumes, and more:    

  • Infinity Spire (300 Wii Points)
  • Library (200 Wii Points)
  • Castle Renovation (100 Wii Points)
  • New Royal Outfit (100 Wii Points)
  • New Chancellor Outfit 2 (100 Wii Points)


Get set for a Pok√©mon treat this week as the phenomenon debuts on WiiWare with My Pok√©mon Ranch. Watch as Pok√©mon and Miis interact with each other for the first time! Enjoy the relaxing Ranch life by viewing your Ranch and its Pok√©mon, taking pictures, and sending those pictures to your friends. The more Pok√©mon and Miis that you bring to your Ranch, the more fun it becomes!    

My Pok√©mon Ranch can be linked with the Nintendo DS Pok√©mon Diamond Version and Pok√©mon Pearl Version Game Cards to deposit the Pok√©mon you‚Äôve caught in these games to your Ranch! You can deposit a maximum of 1,000 Pok√©mon from up to eight different Game Cards! Make your Ranch livelier by having fun with your friends and family! My Pok√©mon Ranch is available to download today for 1000 Wii Points.    

Next up is Pop and it‚Äôs all about popping bubbles! It may sound simple but there are lots of things you can do to get a high-score and have fun. Just keep an eye on the timer because when it runs out it's game over!    

Each bubble is worth both points and time so try to fill up your timer first then focus on scoring high. You can then start to chain the same colour of bubble for big points by popping bubbles of the same colour. This is a great way to increase you score.    

Friends can join you in a game of Pop, too! Whenever you are playing all they need to do is connect their Wii Remote and then join in the action. Watch out because they may start using power-ups to hold you back! If they do try to pump up some bubbles or detonate a nuke this will create a shock-wave which will destroy any matching colours of bubbles it touches.    

Finally there are badges for completing certain objectives; online high-score tables and WiiConnect24 messages so you can keep up with your friends‚Äô progress and boast about your own. Download Pop today for 700 Wii Points.    

Also available this week, get your hands on some exciting new add-on content for FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES: My Life as a King‚ĄĘ (WiiWare) via Nintendo Wi-Fi    

Connection Pay & Play.    

Simply select "Purchase Add-on Content" from either the main game menu or the in-game castle menu, and choose from the following:    

Infinity Spire (300 Wii Points)    

Adds Infinity Spire dungeons to the game.    

Library (200 Wii Points)    

Adds a dungeon containing many large elementite to help develop your kingdom.    

Castle Renovation (100 Wii Points)    

Adds a jukebox and the ability to change adventurers' names to the castle.    

New Royal Outfit 2 (100 Wii Points)    

Adds a new costume for the king.    

New Chancellor Outfit 2 (100 Wii Points)    

Adds a new costume for Chime.    

With the WiiWare pipeline filled with exciting and refreshing games keep checking and the Nintendo Channel for all the latest WiiWare news and releases.

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Re: PAL WiiWare Update
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2008, 07:07:34 PM »
I'm glad you guys didn't get Super mario RPG either. HA

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Re: PAL WiiWare Update
« Reply #2 on: July 08, 2008, 07:28:57 PM »
But you guys have already had Super Mario RPG for over ten years now! :]

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Re: PAL WiiWare Update
« Reply #3 on: July 08, 2008, 11:22:08 PM »
We get Wiiware and VC games alternatingly, next week will be VC releases but no WiiWare.