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TalkBack / Re: A Lesson in Linguistics
« on: February 18, 2012, 07:12:22 AM »
A couple of examples of people who still persist in pronouncing it "marry-oh"

1/ Italian manager of Manchester City FC Roberto Mancini speaking about his Italian striker Mario Balotelli

(Edit: alternative link if BBC content is region-specific)

2/ "The Man Who Laughs"

TalkBack / Radio Free Nintendo Hits PAX East for the Third Time
« on: April 04, 2012, 11:08:02 AM »

RFN is live at PAX East 2012! Stream our panel here.

Panel live stream is here!

Radio Free Nintendo is bringing the show on the road to PAX East for the third year in a row on Saturday, April 7 at 11:30 a.m. in the Arachnid Theater.

For the third straight year, Radio Free Nintendo comes to PAX East for a live panel celebrating the joy and frustration of loving Nintendo! Come join us for insightful commentary, informed speculation, illuminating Q&A, and ill-informed attempts at humor as we dive ever deeper into the illogical-yet-delightful world of Nintendo. A large portion of our time will be devoted to audience questions, so step up to the microphone and let us have it! 

This event will also be recorded as a podcast episode for those who can't attend, but nothing compares to being there and participating in the live event. If you're an existing RFN fan attending this event, please introduce yourself to us in person! We'd love to meet you. There may be social meet-ups throughout the weekend for NWR fans and staff, so check back later for those details.

Podcast Discussion / Episode 279: Fo' Slo'
« on: February 12, 2012, 12:54:48 PM »

James has come down with a Rhythm Heaven Fever, and the only cure is more Listener Mail.

It's not often anymore we get to talk about a new Wii game, especially one that hasn't quite been released yet. But for this special occasion, James has spent plenty of time with the upcoming American version of Rhythm Heaven Fever, and he would like to tell you about it! Greg reports on his quest for Ninja Five-O, wraps up Resident Evil: Revelations, and tries out the European demo for Crush 3D. Jon defies all expectations with a Sega Master System (and Game Gear) emulator for Windows Phone 7, of all things. However, he does swing it topical with a quick discussion on whether Nintendo should find a way to enter the smartphone market. Jonny comes around the horn with his thoughts on Art Academy: First Semester, the DSiWare app that he received (but didn't purchase!) in exchange for some Club Nintendo coins.

Post-break, the gang dives deep into the mailbag to answer your burning questions about transferring Virtual Console games, which Dragon Quest to play first, games that spoil us on all others, the Hyrule Historia artbook, and whether Rayman Origins reveals a bias against Nintendo's own 2D platformers. We'd love to hear from you too, so pump us full of that sweet email love!

Podcast Discussion / Episode 278: That's Lobsterist!
« on: February 05, 2012, 03:02:02 PM »

It's finally time for RetroActive. Plus: Resident Evil and other games!

It's time for another cartoo-oo-oon! Or podcast. Let's call it a podcast. And this time around, we spend a good little ol' chunk of time on a certain game that was chosen by the listeners. But first, we got some new New Business that's new. Greg leads off with Resident Evil: Revelations, not to mention a little accessory called the Circle Pad Pro. He nearly beat the game before recording time, so expect an extensive discussion (but still spoiler-free). James has last year's hybrid open-world-adventure game, L.A. Noire, but he and Jonny disagree on it just a little. Jon's got his first impressions of Bastion, the awesome download title that draws comparisons to both Zelda and Torchlight. Jonny cinches the segment with a little Zelda: Four Swords multiplayer action and a look at Shadow of the Colossus HD.

Then it's finally time to jump into RetroActive #21. You voted, we played, and now you'll hear our sprawling discussion of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. It was our first real experience with the franchise, except for James, who predictably brings an expert's perspective to enrich the feature. Armed with an arm-length list of forum quotes from the official thread, we look at this accessible Fire Emblem from as many angles as time allows. RetroActive is one of our most popular features, and this might be the best one yet! Let us know what you thought about this episode or anything else right here.

Podcast Discussion / Episode 277: Shocking Revelaitons
« on: January 29, 2012, 05:02:21 PM »

We confess the games we've never played in our Video Game Bucket Lists.

New Business is fairly short this week, but a monstrous featuring segment makes up for it. Greg hasn't played much this week in the absence of Resident Evil, but he does address Nintendo's recent financial news. Jon begins to catch up with one of our favorite games last year, Radiant Historia. Jonny has a pair of platformers with Trine 2 for PC and a conjugal visit with Super Mario Galaxy 2. James surprises us with his short review of a tiny DSiWare game called WarioWare: Snapped!

The show really kicks off in part two as we churn through our extensive Bucket Lists -- games we've always wanted to play and hope to experience before we flee this mortal coil. Despite the grim premise, it's a fun-filled discussion as we march through each generation of video games, naming those titles that eluded us in the past and still call out to our senses of curiosity. It's a nostalgic, surprising set of games, and we had a blast with the discussion. Hope you enjoy it too! Be sure to let us know what's on your list with a quick email to the show.

Finally, don't forget that RetroActive is ongoing. We'll have a big blowout on Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones next week, so play the game and drop your knowledge into this here forum thread for a chance to be read on the next episode.

Podcast Discussion / Re: Episode 276: Star Wars Porn
« on: January 24, 2012, 12:43:55 PM »
I loved and still love Maximum Velocity.  I appreciate that it's the only other F-Zero game to use the original's boost system which I prefer to what was introduced in F-Zero X.
The other GBA F-Zero does have tapping, but it also has the boost/health mechanic from X/GX.  If it wasn't for that I'd say it's the better of the two F-Zero games that made it West since it was otherwise an improvement over MV.

I'm also a fan of the SNES F-Zero boost system; while I appreciate the risk-reward element introduced by the boost-health trade-off in X, the limited number of boosts in the SNES game meant that you were encouraged to use them strategically along portions of the track where the most advantage was to be gained. Experimenting to see how boosts can cut down lap times is something I still enjoy about playing Mario Kart time trials (where you have 3 mushrooms at your disposal for the whole race).

The fact that the latter GBA F-Zero games retain the accelerator tapping but dispense with the old boosting does not leave me all that enthused about the prospect of playing them, but having said that, I'm so F-Zero starved at this point that I'd probably snap one up if they put either of them up for sale on the eShop sometime relatively soon.

Podcast Discussion / Episode 276: Star Wars Porn
« on: January 22, 2012, 03:55:16 PM »

We talk up games new and old, plus answer your questions about SOPA and Mario level selection.

While everyone is hammering away at Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones for the upcoming RetroActive show, we have a classic RFN episode for you this week. It begins with Jonny finally finishing Trauma Team after a long hiatus, and he declares it one of his favorite Wii games. He also has impressions of the classic WRPG, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (not to be confused with any MMO). Jon is also in the business of finishing games started long ago, as he picks up where he left off in God of War 3. Greg celebrates the end of the PAL Virtual Console drought before moving on to Bionic Commando for Game Boy (via eShop), sparking a hopeful plea for the completely original GBC game, Bionic Command: Elite Forces. James steals home plate with a look at the Resident Evil: Revelations demo for 3DS, plus a mixed review of F-Zero: Maximum Velocity from the 3DS Ambassador bundle.

After Now Playing, we jump into the mailbag to answer your burning questions. Topics include how to parlay retail demos into actual sales, Capcom's plans for the 25th anniversary of Mega Man, and Nintendo's vague stance on the SOPA/PIPA bills. For the grand finale, we launch into a passionate debate over how to select and discover levels in 3D Mario games. Thanks to everyone who sent emails -- you can join their ranks right here.

Don't forget that RetroActive is underway, so be sure to play your copy of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones and join the discussion in yonder forum thread. We'll read some of the best comments on the podcast!

Lastly, be sure to check out Jonny's guest appearance on the VG Tribune Roundtable for his industry-wide 2012 predictions and bonus impressions of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones and Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

Podcast Discussion / Episode 275: The Pen-and-Paper Podcast
« on: January 15, 2012, 01:56:53 PM »

On our fourth anniversary together, the RFN crew just do what it do.

On this fine episode, we start by noting a nice milestone -- four years with the RFN crew you know so well. However, we waste little time in getting on with the episode, starting with New Business As Usual. Lindy gets it going with Terraria, the 2D side-scrolling tribute/rip-off of Minecraft that might be even more appealing than its source material. James, having solved his Xbox woes last week, finally delves into Deus Ex: Human Revolution and finds it to be ripe with gameplay possibilities. Jonny breaks the Nintendo cherry for this show with updated recommendations for Nano Assault and VVVVVV on 3DS. He also has some thoughts on a PC shooter called Hard Reset, and he spins a heart-warming tale of a 30-year-old man playing Dungeons & Dragons for the first time. Any and all video game fans ignorant of D&D should take heed! Greg wraps up with much more in-depth impressions of Mega Man X2, plus analysis of Shinobi's closing stages and bonus content.

In part 2, we catch up with your Listener Mail and have some excellent questions and topics from the audience. At your request, we speculate on Miyamoto's next genre and the possibility of having multiple online platforms/storefronts on Wii U. We also debate how reviewers should handle buggy games like Skyrim, and we try to pull dear Sgt. Foster out of his Nintendo rut. Send your own email and we may just answer it on the show!

Finally, we announce the winner of RetroActive #21, and it's none other than Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. Many voters cited the fact that this series has rarely been mentioned on RFN, and that's going to change very soon. It's part of the 3DS Ambassador program, so there's a chance you might already have this game for free and just needed an excuse to play it. Now that you've got one, head over to the official RetroActive forum thread to leave your thoughts and see what others are saying as they play along.

Podcast Discussion / Re: Episode 274: In the Year Two-Thousaaaaaaand
« on: January 12, 2012, 10:34:58 AM »

I didn't see this in the Talk back thread and I really want this here for next year and reference so I can find it. 
Here are the Predictions from this episode, sorry about the bump.

1. F-Zero MMO
2. Next-Level Games do something with Nintendo in 2011
3. Next-Level to make the Fable, Mario American Football
3. Zelda, Skyward Sword, Summer or 2012
4. Nintedo Big Holiday Game will be for 3DS
   a. New Super Mario Type Thing
5. Will not get much on the New Nintendo console this year maybe nothing at all
6. Revelation of games we don't know about and it won't look so bad
7. No Revolution style E3 Reveal
8. 3DS Game will be more than $30
1. 3DS will have Netflix Streaming on WiFi
2. Wii Music comeback, More instructional
3. Zelda, Skyward Sword, Summer, More Specifically July
4. DQX in Japan end of this year and Stateside March/April next year
5. Nothing Concrete on Nintendo's new Console till Next E3

1. Pikmin 3 stil Dead
2. Nintendo Publish Duldrums outside of Japan
3. Last Story to Western World, Relative
4. Something More Akin to Wario Ware on the Virtual, to be Greg Super Mario Type Thingy
5. Be wrong on 90% of these

1. Vitality Sensor will not be spoken of this year
2. Vitality Sensor as Feature of Something else
3. Zelda better in August-September, October Latest
   a. Something We haven't seen will be revealed
4. November will be Insane
5. 3DS
   a. By end of 2011 We will all be ready for 3DS lite
   b. Won't have Friend Codes
   c. Modest improvements to Online
6. New Console not coming out this Year
7. Predicts Name of the next Console will be Super Wii
8. Mumbles late in the year for Next Console
9. Sometime in 2011 we will find out what Armature(sp?), former Retro guys, are working on.
10. DQX for Wii (Early Prediction Episode 222)
This is my Prediction Notes from the last prediction episode.  I'm sort of wondering how many of these got addressed.  I think I must have missed something listening to this episode.

Everything in bold was directly referenced in this episode when we recapped our predictions from last year. Those things on your list that were not touched on were either jokes (e.g. F-Zero MMO), too vague to really qualify as predictions, or were mentioned by someone in passing rather than being an outright prediction.

Podcast Discussion / Episode 274: In the Year Two-Thousaaaaaaand
« on: January 08, 2012, 06:02:34 PM »

We look back at our 2011 predictions and set forth new ones, along with our most anticipated games of 2012.

It's our annual predictions episode, but first up is a rather dense bit of New Business. Jonny is a big fan of Nano Assault, the new and graphically stunning shmup for 3DS. He's also ecstatic about Bastion and even quite glowing on Gears of War 3. James is less enthused about his Xbox 360, which is having hardware problems once again. He does have more to say about Animal Crossing: City Folk and the lamentable Wii Speak accessory. Jon continues his streak of completing games, even if they're all non-Nintendo shooters like Uncharted 3 and Modern Warfare 3. Greg completes the segment with quick impressions of 3D Classics Kid Icarus and more in-depth analysis of the new Shinobi for 3DS.

Then it's time for our much-loved, always controversial and entertaining, annual predictions feature. We begin by reviewing last year's predictions, and the gang's record is more accurate than you might expect, with a few funny exceptions. Our set of new predictions is even more outrageous, and it produces some extensive discussion as well. The segment ran so long that we eventually had to go into a lightning round just to get through them all. We also continued the tradition of choosing our most anticipated games for the year, with some surprising choices there as well.

There are only a few days left to vote on the next RetroActive game -- this feature is always more fun if you actively participate, so why wait? ">Vote now and be sure to play the winning game when we announce it later this week! You can also send us an email about anything from this show or around the world of gaming, and we'll be catching up with those letters quite soon.

Podcast Discussion / Episode 273: The Hare with No Hair
« on: January 01, 2012, 11:03:56 AM »

The gang is back together to celebrate the New Year with --what else?-- New Business! Plus: Zelda + Retro?

This episode has so much New Business, we had to split it into two segments! Greg is up first with Mighty Switch Force for 3DS. He greatly enjoys this eShop title from WayForward, but Jonny is more critical of the game. Greg also experiences Mega Man X2 for the first time, thanks to Japan's Wii Virtual Console, inciting exuberant memories from James in particular. Next up is Jon, returning after three weeks gone from RFN, and he's got... shooters. Of course! Jon managed to complete all of Resistance 3 and Halo: Anniversary, which takes us briefly into the subject of The Conduit for 3DS. He also made some headway on Uncharted 3, yet has not found time to revisit Zelda since his 30-hour spearhead in the game's launch week.

After a quick break, James picks up with a surprising discussion of Animal Crossing: City Folk. It even leads us to a a round of speculation on where the series is headed next on 3DS and Wii U. Will he fulfill a promise of Wii Speak ranting next week? Jonny seals the deal on this epic New Business with a lightning round of impressions for VVVVVV (eShop version), SwapNote, Game Type (an oddly named project from our friends at Mommy's Best Games), and Aquaria, the Metroid-style underwater adventure. He also boasts of a new gaming PC that will surely inform upcoming episodes.

Finally, we wrestle with a single but searing Listener Mail question about Miyamoto's recent musings that Retro Studios could become involved with the Zelda franchise. As you'd expect from this bunch, we have some strong opinions on whether this could actually happen, and what it would mean for the series if so. We'll answer more letters soon, so let us know what you want to hear about! Oh yeah, and it's finally time to kick off the 21st edition of RetroActive. Your options are Wario Land 4, Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, and Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. Many of you already have all three ready to go on your 3DS, so we hope there will be record-setting participation. Of course, all of these games can also be found on the original GBA cartridge format if you're so inclined! ">Head over to this forum thread to vote for which GBA Ambassador game we should play and discuss together on a future show. Do it right now!

Podcast Discussion / Episode 272: Desperately Seeking Sarah
« on: December 27, 2011, 04:03:37 PM »

Billy and TYP drop by to open up a big festive sack of your Listener Mail.

With Jonny and Lindy both sadly unable to make it for recording just before Christmas, James and Greg held down the RFN fort this week, with Mr. Jones serving as host for the first time since the infamous Episode 103 that bears his name. But before you go reaching for the audio equivalent of a Hazmat suit, fear not, for the results were not nearly so nuclear in this case! This minor victory for the concept of good taste can be attributed at least in part to our guests filling in for the two Jons—Radio Trivia host Michael “TYP” Cole, and NWR founder Billy “Take me to your GameCubes” Berghammer—being rather less unhinged and unsavory than the pirate duo of Stan and Karl.

The show begins with Billy and TYP following up last week’s show by briefly covering their favorite games of 2011, before we reach deep into our Santa-like sack of Listener Mail that’s been filling up rapidly ahead of the end of the year. Your questions cover a wide range of topics, including the behavioural impact of demos, what a game’s director actually does during development, the seemingly inevitable prospect of remakes on Wii U, and the possibility that Nintendo has been permanently humbled by some of its 2011 setbacks. All this, plus the truth behind the “Sarah Miller” enigma is revealed! 

Podcast Discussion / Episode 271: And I'll Form the Head!
« on: December 18, 2011, 10:40:34 AM »

RFN assembles to share our shocking lists for the Top 5 games of 2011!

Sad news: Jon is still AWOL from the show. Good news: We don't need his sorry ass! Well, we do wish he was around but things tend to get crazy around the holidays, so we must go to battle with the forces we have. Anyway, James kicks it off with an update on the insufferably quirky Fishing Resort. Greg continues his affair with Mario Kart 7, shares a few thoughts on the GBA Ambassador launch, and debuts a surprise game that will delight and terrify long-time listeners! Jonny drives it home with his blooming adoration for Pushmo and an exuberant response to the new Club Nintendo awards.

Returning from the break, we divulge our personal Top 5 games of 2011 for Nintendo platforms. The rankings will assuredly ruffle feathers, which is frankly why we do them, and going around the virtual table gives us ample opportunity to revisit a great number of wonderful video games from throughout the year. We've also got honorable mentions and a few favorites from non-Nintendo systems, so perhaps your favorites will be represented at some point. If not, send in your list through this handy email form and maybe we'll read it on next week's special Christmas episode! (Note: due to the holiday, Ep. 272 will probably be posted a day or two later than normal. Don't freak!)

Podcast Discussion / Episode 270: An Goron Appears!
« on: December 11, 2011, 11:51:41 AM »

Karl hops in with new games, hot news, and your emails!

Jon was stuck at work this week, but Karl stepped in to save the day! And he's got brand new games to talk about, too. Karl drops fresh impressions for the latest 3DS digital release, Pushmo, as well as Infinity Blade 2 for some other download platform. Jonny reports on happy times playing Mario Kart 7 with the NWR community and sad times playing the stale, busted Grand Prix mode. James wraps up Zelda and spends more time than you'd expect on Fishing Resort, the latest weird release from Prope and XSEED. Finally, Greg shares his thoughts on the secret level in Super Mario 3D Land, the last hours of Batman: Arkham City, and a few Virtual Console updates (for Japan and Europe, of course).

After the break, we succumb to the deluge of Nintendo news by discussing Miyamoto's quasi-retirement, Xenoblade's belated American release, and a game-breaking glitch in Skyward Sword. We even reserved a little time at the end for a pair of listener emails on imitating the Wii U tablet  and the role of cursing in gamer culture. We're always accepting more of those great emails -- click here to send yours!

Also, check out the beta version of that Castaneda-written Facebook game, OJO Agent.

Podcast Discussion / Re: Episode 269: Doin' It Like We Do
« on: December 11, 2011, 11:34:45 AM »
I'll play devil's advocate here for a second and argue that the fact that Nintendo doesn't iterate Mario Kart annually could actually give more reason to be upset at the lack of changes. If Nintendo follows the pattern they've established, this is the only Mario Kart we're going to get on the 3DS, so any shortcomings with it won't be addressed until a new hardware platform, if at all. I'm not saying it's justifiable to have lower expectations for annualized franchises, but the fact is if they don't do what they should they can always fix it next year.

This was an important point that I wanted to mention during this episode with respect to Nintendo pumping out installments in their top selling franchises less frequently than some other publishers, but since I failed to do so I'm glad to see that JP and broodwars have raised it in this thread. As we discussed in the hype feature all the way back in Episode 120, expectations going into a game can play a powerful role in how much one enjoys it, and as we've seen with Skyward Sword recently, the number of years between titles can seem by itself to shape those expectations to a significant degree.

Podcast Discussion / Episode 269: Doin' It Like We Do
« on: December 04, 2011, 10:09:07 AM »

This week, RFN returns to the classic format... and it's super effective!

This week's show starts with Great Big New Business. Greg got an early copy of Mario Kart 7 and has a lot to tell us before the American release (same day as this episode drops). James gets another chance to describe his Zelda experience, which launches us into a super-sized group discussion of the game now that all four of us have played quite a lot of it. Jonny was traveling most of the week, and that means he played a lot more Super Mario 3D Land. Jon wraps up this half of the show with a sneak peek at Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Then, we make an epic return to Listener Mail with your much-appreciated kudos and questions about a killer app for the Wii U launch, disappointment with Zelda's graphics, the effect of bug-testing on game prices, and smudges/scratches on the 3DS screen. We absolutely love getting your ideas and questions, so please keep sending them!

This was one of our most heated and fun episodes to record, so hopefully you'll enjoy it as much as we did!

Podcast Discussion / Episode 268: Thirty Hours of Freedom
« on: November 27, 2011, 10:02:25 AM »

Ladies and gentlemen, Jon Lindemann played Zelda for 30 hours this week. Let's have a round of applause!

While other podcasts take the week off for Thanksgiving, RFN continues its annual tradition of Black Friday recordings to bring you an uninterrupted dosage of Nintendo love! It is a short episode consisting entirely of New Business, but that's all you need when there are new entries in both the Mario and Zelda franchises.

We start with Lindy, because he has broken a streak of anemic gaming with a Skyward Sword blow-out. If you've ever wished Jon would talk more on the show, your time (and his) has come! But everyone has been playing the new Zelda, so it's a full group discussion of this excellent game. James is next with another Ace Combat 3DS update, plus some thoughts on Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (the game). Greg wraps up his thoughts on Super Mario 3D Land, which Jonny and James have also been playing. Finally, Jonny tries to explain the glory of Skyrim from the perspective of a Nintendo fan who has a shallow history with Western RPGs.

We'll probably do Listener Mail next week -- let us know what's on your mind!

Podcast Discussion / Re: Episode 267: The Friendly Ghost
« on: November 14, 2011, 10:33:35 AM »
Editing out Karl...  That sounds familiar...

Well, Karl was "edited" out by fate so to speak; if I had chosen to edit him out, I would of course have replaced his audio with whale noises.

Podcast Discussion / Episode 267: The Friendly Ghost
« on: November 13, 2011, 09:31:20 AM »

Nothing to see here, folks. (It's all in your ears).

With James taking a rare week off, we looked to have a substitute but... things happen. So instead, you get a three-man show with plenty of gaming goodness. In New Business, Jonny checks out the hilarious, goofy 3DS download called Freakyforms (formerly known as Picture Lives!). He also checks in with Uncharted 3, which leads to a fun discussion of writing in video games, and he finally boots up BioWare's Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, or simply KOTOR. Jon catches up with his thoughts on last week's RetroActive game, River City Ransom, plus some reactions to the superb Batman: Arkham City, coming to Wii U next year. Instead of new game impressions, Greg comments on the initial Japan sales numbers for Super Mario 3D Land (in stores today for our North American listeners) and revisits the final hours of Twilight Princess to steel himself for the second coming of Zelda on Wii.

In the second half, we've got Listener Mail up the wazoo. First up is the high price of Resident Evil: Revelations and whether digital delivery could be the answer. Then we debunk speculation (from certain other podcasts) of Nintendo's imminent demise, and ponder whether there are any developer acquisitions that would make sense for the Big N as it makes the transition to HD software development.

In lieu of our regular show next week, we'll be podcasting live on Saturday, Nov. 19th starting at Noon Eastern. We hope you will be there and support this event as well as a great charity. If you can't make it, we hope to deliver a recording of the telethon roughly around the same time, and podcast subscribers should get it automatically. If you prefer to download episodes manually, check the event page next week for direct links to the recording.

Podcast Discussion / Episode 266: Meet My Demands... Or Else!
« on: November 06, 2011, 09:47:43 AM »

I've taken Jon hostage. Talk about Nintendo if you ever want to see him again. -- SLICK

Jon had to bail this week, which is a real shame given his familiarity with the RetroActive game, River City Ransom. Before the rest of us get to that classic, we've got reports on several other things. Greg leads off with a major update on his progress through Xenoblade Chronicles, plus a look at the bumper crop of Wii Virtual Console releases in Japan, the only place where the service is still going strong. James has been playing NBA Jam: On Fire, the HD download-only version of last year's arcade basketball revival for Wii. He also gives a glowing review of the Professor Layton movie, which looks to be heading for American shores in a matter of days. Finally, Jonny finds much disappointment in his initial harvest of iPhone games, but he does has a lot of nice things to say about Batman: Arkham City, which is coming to Wii U next year.

Then it's time for RetroActive, the podcast feature in which we invite you to help choose a game for us all (listeners included) to play and discuss. The winner this time was River City Ransom, and we have plenty to say about this odd, beloved NES beat-em-up with significant RPG elements. If you've ever read or watched Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, you'll recognize that its creator was a huge fan of this game. Its influence reaches into modern video games as well, but we try to focus on the game itself, which is quite fun and intentionally hilarious.

It's now less than two weeks until the 2nd Annual NWR Live Podcast Telethon for Child's Play! Holy crap! We have a lot of work to do in preparation, but while we scuttle around behind the scenes, you can get a head start on the event by checking out the telethon event page and marking your calendar now. Remember, more money raised equals a longer and more varied live show, so please be generous in giving to this fantastic charity! We also want to make sure you can attend the live stream on Saturday, Nov. 19 starting at Noon EST, but a recording will be attempted for everyone who has to miss the fun.

TalkBack / 2nd Annual NWR Live Podcast Telethon for Child's Play
« on: November 12, 2011, 02:35:26 PM »

The podcast marathon returns to raise money for Child's Play.

It's all over! The telethon was a huge success, and we sincerely thank all the donors, special guests, audience callers, and fantastic NWR staff members who made all this work so well. We did get a recording of the show, warts and all, and we'll be releasing it in parts this week.

Telethon Recording, Part One (3:07:29) - MP3 or AAC
Telethon Recording, Part Two (3:05:43) - MP3 or AAC
Telethon Recording, Part Three (3:09:10) - MP3 or AAC

(We'll leave the original event page below in case you want to see how it all went down!)

We're back with another mega-podcast for charity, all performed live with many opportunities to interact with the NWR crew and our special guests. Please consider supporting this event with a generous donation to Child's Play -- all money goes directly to Child's Play and counts toward our fundraising goals. When certain amounts are reached, we'll unlock another hour of exciting live content!

Join us in the chat room while we're on air. Schedule is below the chat box. Having trouble? You can also connect with a dedicated IRC client. Server: Channel: #nwr

JIGGAWHAT: An epic, slightly precedented Nintendo/gaming-themed live audio "podcast" telethon

JIGGAWHY: To support Child's Play, a charity that provides toys and games to sick kids

JIGGAWHO: Nintendo World Report staff, special guests, and you!

JIGGAWHEN: Saturday, November 19, 12:00pm (Noon) Eastern until...?

JIGGAWHERE: Right here! Check back for the audio stream, live chat, and donation link.

JIGGAHOW: Magic of the Internet

Here at Nintendo World Report, we've long been supporters of Child's Play, the fantastic charity that provides toys and games to hospitalized kids. If you're not familiar with Child's Play, check out the official website and listen to Jonny's RFN Special interview with Mike Krahulik, co-founder of the charity (and Penny Arcade), way back in 2007. So, when our old friend Karl Castaneda brought us an idea for doing a special, live-streaming podcast to support Child's Play, we got excited. Not only can we do things live that don't make sense in the recorded version, like real-time listener interaction, but the lack of editing means there are fewer constraints on how long the show can run. Then we thought... why not do it telethon-style, all day long? It was amazing last year, and we were able to raise over $2000 for this amazing charity, all thanks to our wonderful listeners and fans!

***If you are new to NWR podcasts, please be advised that the show contains explicit language. We're doin' it for the kids, but the show itself is for grown-ups.***

Content Program and Fundraising Goals

(Note: Schedule and guests are subject to change before and even during the event. Each hour of content will be unlocked when the corresponding donation goal is met. Fundraising goals are totals; i.e. all previous donations are counted toward the amount.)

12:00 EST - Intro / New Business (Free)
1:00 EST - Skyward Sword Spoiler-Free Review Roundtable with Special Guests ($400)
2:00 EST - Listener "Mail" Call-In Bonanza ($800)
3:00 EST - Game of the Year Roundtable ($1200)
4:00 EST - Radio Trivia Live with TYP and Greg ($1600)
5:00 EST - Memoirs of a GameCube w/ Billy Berghammer ($2000)
6:00 EST - Famicast: Live from Japan ($2400)
7:00 EST - NWR Connectivity Jeopardy ($2800)
8:00 EST - Shenanigans! - TBD ($3200)

We will make every effort to obtain a clean recording of this live event, but due to the complex technical nature of doing so, we cannot guarantee a recording will be available later. Please plan to attend the event live if you want to be sure!

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Professor Layton & The Eternal Diva (DVD, English, Region 1) - Courtesy of UncleBob
Sonic plush headwear
Nintendo pin badge set (Link, Kid Icarus, Mario Kart, Luigi) + MGS:Snake Eater 3D Lanyard
Nintendo pin badge set (Link, Kid Icarus, Mario Kart, Super Mario, Fox)
Mario Sports Mix T-shirts M,L,XL
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Disney Guilty Party T-shirt XL
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Rune Factory 2 Plushie
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"Booker" Animal Crossing Plushie
"Ghost Mario' Plushie
Street Fighter 3DS T-Shirt (Small)
Street Fighter 3DS Cap
Star Fox 64 3D Scarf
Nintendo 3DS Lanyard
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Lanyard

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Your choice of any WiiWare or Wii Virtual Console game ($10 limit, four winners, U.S. only) - Courtesy of UncleBob
Beat City (DS)
Jam With The Band (DS)
MotoHeroz (WiiWare - Canada Only)
NIS America Pack: Sakura Wars (Wii), Phantom Brave (Wii), Atelier Annie (DS) - Courtesy of NIS America
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (DS)
Fishing Master (Wii)

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We are finally living in a post-N64-drama world.

Jonny returns this week with boundless enthusiasm and a bag of game impressions. First up is Kirby Mass Attack, the late DS release with clever gameplay, a few control issues, and a couple of awesome mini-games. Jonny also has a quick tale of playing Tiger Woods 12: The Masters with his dad. James follows with his highly anticipated thoughts on Professor Layton & The Last Specter, which he completed in two days and proceeded to pour a dozen more hours into the London Life add-on mode. Lindy takes a first look at PixelJunk Sidescroller, a retro-styled horizontal shmup just released on PS3 that will hold great appeal for Gradius fans. Greg wraps up New Business with a special report on the London edition of the Zelda 25th Anniversary Concert that you don't want to miss!

Listener Mail also returns, and this week's emails deliver lots of heated discussion. Is it true that RFN doesn't care about Kirby? Where the hell would you put extra buttons and a second Circle Pad on a 3DS redesign? Is Pokemon a real RPG? What exactly is wrong with Nintendo's stock owners? We answer all these questions and much more. Please send your emails for next time with this handy contact page!

Don't forget that RetroActive is coming up next week, and the official forum thread for River City Ransom is already bustling. Play the game and leave your comments for a chance to be read on the show! Finally, you'll hear on the show that we just announced the return of our live podcast telethon for Child's Play. Much more details are on the way, but for now, please mark your calendar for Saturday, November 19th at Noon Eastern.

Podcast Discussion / Re: Episode 264: All Good Things...
« on: October 24, 2011, 02:03:55 PM »
If Greg loves hard games including F-Zero did he try Shin'en's FAST Racing League on WiiWare? It got critically panned for being so hard. There's a demo for it available currently.

I've looked into getting FAST because it did actually get a lot of good reviews in addition to a few that seemed offended by its difficulty, but other concerns have been raised as Enner mentioned. I'd still like to try it though--I just haven't got around to it yet.

@Greg My comment was made about several episodes, not just the few seconds of this one and was intended as ribbing between rival teams, not to truly upset you as it seems to have. I do apologize if it did. Although I would like to point out that at least one rival coach has said the footage they got was pointless and could not have been any use in their victories. True they have not won a Superbowl since then, since the Giants managed to twist the injury rules in their favor at the end of the game.

I honestly have nothing against the Bills and wish them the best of luck this season, you guys do deserve to finally have a decent run after these last few years. Now lets all focus on complaining about the games Nintendo is not bringing to the US and/or Europe.

Don't worry about it pureval, Belichick upset(s) me, not you, and I appreciate the well wishes for the Bills. The fact that Belichick has never admitted doing something wrong is the worst thing about the whole Spygate saga for me, and as long as he refuses to apologise then I'm not letting it go.

Also, the idea that he gained no advantage from his cheating (whatever anyone else in the game might say) is demonstrably false. Why do it for years if it yielded no results? Belichick has never struck me as someone who enjoys wasting his time while preparing for opponents each week. Secondly, why would the NFL punish the Pats as harshly as they did (taking away a first round draft choice and $100,000s in fines) if this was trivial? Finally, why would Josh McDaniels have been caught doing it as the Broncos HC at the 49ers practice in London for last year's San Francisco vs. Denver game at Wembley, knowing as he must have done that it was illegal and carried stiff punishments having been an assistant at the Pats when they were caught in 2007? Any attempt to minimise the significance of Spygate crashes hard against these facts.

Podcast Discussion / Re: Episode 264: All Good Things...
« on: October 24, 2011, 03:50:14 AM »
I'm listening to the podcast right now, and I have a correction already: Angel Studios did work on N64 games, 3 in fact.  I know them from their miraculous work somehow squeezing Resident Evil 2 onto an N64 cart, which was a pretty good port all things considered.  They also worked on Ken Griffey Jr.'s Slugfest and Major League Baseball Featuring Ken Griffey Jr.

I'm afraid you apparently misunderstood what was being said because this is not an accurate correction. Angel Studios were mentioned as not having developed any games at the point in the N64 pre-release history segment when Nintendo was assembling the Dream Team, which was in 1994-1995. So obviously none of the N64 games you mentioned had come out yet--at that time, Angel Studios were famous for producing the CG visuals in The Lawnmower Man, not video games.

Podcast Discussion / Re: Episode 264: All Good Things...
« on: October 23, 2011, 06:41:56 PM »
What is with all the Patriots bashing on this podcast lately? Just because the closest your teams will get to a trophy is if Brady lets them clean his does not give you the right. Focus on the games.

Belichick got caught after systematically cheating the NFL for years, and he has never apologised for it or even acknowledged that it was cheating. The way I look at it, that gives every fan of the league "the right" to mock him and the franchise he leads, because he took the piss out of all us and would still be doing it now if he hadn't been tattled on by one of his former assistants.

So, remind me how many Super Bowls have the Pats won since they were caught cheating? Oh that's right, ZERO. Also, you chose to comment on something that Jon said that took up a handful of seconds out of a podcast that lasts more than two and a half hours--focus on the games, please.

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