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Something annoying with the game is even after completing all 120 shrines, there's still 2 shrine quests missing on my list. It might be a bug as I was able to walk right into one of the shrines just fine and the quest only loaded after exiting it. This was the shrine surround by flowers. Has anyone else run into bugs like this?

There are three tiers of Lynels in the game, with the Zora's Domain Lynel being the easiest.

Actually, there are 4 but only 3 tiers of Lynel weapons: Lynels < Blue Maned Lynels < White devil Maned Lynels < Silver Lynels and there are Lynel weapons < Mighty Lynel weapons < Savage Lynel weapons.

Ok last thing for anyone who may know, I've got the Climbers Bandana and some sort of Climbers Shirt, are there Climbers Pants anywhere?

Yeah, you find them in a shrine quest: "The Secret of the Cedars" in Hateno Village.

I love it when the shrine dude is like "by getting here you have proven yourself". It's such a rewarding feeling.

Really? I always feel like Nintendo was just being lazy with those 20+ shrines. I rather Nintendo forced you to at least fight off a pack of Lynels or Guardians or Guardians riding Lynels.

Hey guys there is a Zora missing somewhere I was told she may have been at the Zora River or all the way down to Lake Hylia. I have been just about everywhere and can not find this woman. Any tips?

She is SE of the shrine in the lake just off the rock formation.

I keep saving a space for a hammer and a Korok leaf, with the leaf being randomly useful and the only flammable item I keep.

You can always get new Korok leaves by bombing trees.

I am aware that, if you don't collect all of the memories, you get an alternate ending.

It's not an alternate ending, you get an extra cut-scene after "The End".

Now, that being said, I would agree that the fight against Calamity Ganon was disappointing, but for entirely different reasons. If I had known I would be taking off half of his health bar because of freeing the Divine Beasts, I never would have done so. I wanted to face this guy head-on and I expect that I will have a very different experience when Hard Mode rolls around, because, once again, I want a challenge.

It's actually worse than that. According to speed run videos, you have to fight all of the bosses from the divine beasts in rapid succession before phase 1 begins if you don't clear them beforehand. Also, the Master Sword becomes unbreakable in the fight which removes the worry of running out of weapons halfway into it and half the challenge.

Hopefully, the DLC's new story and dungeon content is Ganon's castle with a grander ending.

Spoiler: Link kills Ganon

I lucked out too in the direction I took going to the Gerudo region because it has allowed me to get an item making me immune to lightning which is something that had seriously ticked me off one occasion. I also highly recommend the Sheikah Outfit in Kakariko village. I like moving around Hyrule as a ninja and being stealthy. It was one of the first outfits I saw and was pricey so I started saving up my rupees for it and when I came across a treasure trove area, I bought it right away. It's totally been worth it and having it early has allowed me to keep upgrading it faster with the Great Fairies I've been finding.

The only thing about selling all my precious ores early on is that I came across a shop that will make jewelry out of them. This jewelry will give you status boosts like swimming faster or immunity from cold weather. To keep upgrading the jewelry, you'll need more precious ores when visiting the Great Fairies. I had held onto my precious ores for the first couple days because the description made me wonder if something was going to be done with them or if there'd be different and higher sell prices for them in other villages. But the price stayed the same everywhere and other travelers I met talked about wanting to find precious ores and how they'd sell them if they had them so I figured the game was just urging me towards selling them if I had them. But now I know differently. And maybe so will you or others just starting to play.

The jewelry is a rip off. You can find other armor sets with the same effects that's far cheaper to upgrade.

I never sell all of my ores.  I try to keep a good stock pile of them in case I find some place that uses them.  Glad to know that effort hasn't been in vain.  One I do sell a lot of is monster parts.  I'll have like a hundred of a particular part, and just sell them off 30 at a time, as needed.  For some stuff, it isn't much.  But if I'm getting 8 rupees per item, that's 240 rupees, which add up.

Yeah, bulk selling can pay off. I was going through my inventory in one shop and saw I had over 200 Moblin horns or fangs or whatever their common dropping is so I sold 150 since I'm not making many potions anyways and that adds up to a nice chunk of change. Of course, those items might be needed for armor upgrades or a side quest so I always want to have some on hand but they're plentiful enough I shouldn't have a hard time getting more if needed. It's always nice when I can instantly finish a side quest as soon as it begins but I held on to the majority of my stock and already have the needed item(s).

I take it that you haven't been to Fang and Bone. You're going to regret that as you need 4695 rupees worth of monster parts to get the Dark Link + Ganon's Horse armor set.

So I finally left the Southeast area of the game and decided it's time to start exploring other area's.  I went back to the Plateau area and worked my way around central Hyrule, activating some of the regain towers around there.  Well as I was moving my way around North I found myself behind Hyrule castle and decided, you know, I'm this close lets see just how far I can get.

So yeah, one thing lead to another and with only 5 hearts and 2 stamina upgrades I have successfully beaten the Final Boss.  At first I just wanted to see how far I could get into Hyrule Castle but I was having so much fun so I kept going, even after dying countless times until I reached Ganon.  Then I just wanted to see how the final boss fight would be and I got my ass kicked but my competitive side then kicked in and I realized this was the challenge I always wanted in a 3D Zelda final boss and after dying about a dozen times I finally won.

I was going to put off Ganon a bit more but I was fishing for stealth-fin fish in the area today and got the same impulse to explore it.

Seriously, that was fucking awesome.  I don't want to spoil anything but it's literally the kind of final boss fight I've always wanted in a 3D Zelda.  It's challenging with a **** ton of attacks that will test your skills.  I came in with a ton of food just saved up and almost ended up eating it all by the time I was done.  Plus since I didn't have the Master Sword I ended up down to my final weapon since everything else was broke.  It really makes me impressed with the people able to beat it right after leaving the Plateau since I had a few more weapon slots since I upgraded during my earlier travels so I had a few more weapons to use and still ended up down to the last one.

So yeah, anyone that want's a good challenge, just go straight to Ganon since Hyrule Castle and the Final Boss fights will give it to you.  Of course now the rest of the game is probably going to be too easy for me but oh well, after taking on Ganon with a few upgrades, without completing a single dungeon and with no Master Sword, I think I have the right to be the biggest badass in Hyrule. ;D

This really makes me regret doing the dungeons and master sword beforehand. I found the final fight underwhelming, almost like he was supposed to have another form that didn't appear. Maybe it was because I didn't have all the memories...

In case anyone was wondering:

Damn, I heard you would get an item that would make enemies dance on command.

Is anyone else having a problem with sidequests not showing up?

Lasli in Kakariko Village wants some fireflies, but I don't get the red sidequest marker above her dialog box. I don't get it.

Stalk her and follow her home at nightfall. There's a lot of hidden character development you can find if you follow characters around their daily routine.

I'm totally lost in the Lost Woods

I made it by following the torches to the first checkpoint with the pair of torches and the chest in the tree, but when I go off the from there, I seem to eventually get enveloped by the fog. Is there a trick to this?

Follow the wind

I don't know if this has been mentioned before but I recently noticed the game rubber bands enemy difficulty. As you get farther into the story, stronger enemies start appearing in areas where they didn't exist before and even low level weapons start getting added bonuses like long throw, critical hit and extra attack power.

These late-game grinds are ridiculous. Right now, I'm working on 10,000 rupees to open up the last Great Fairy Fountain.. I know that there's a save scum exploit with a certain mini-game or I could grind another certain mini-game, but like... that's a drag. in addition, I don't want to sell off stuff just yet because it happens to get used in a lot of the armor upgrade recipesand so I'm left with the sparingly short number of treasure chest around the world that are lucrative.

Do the side quests if you haven't, many of them pay out hundreds of rupees. Also there's a guy at a near by stable that will give you 500 rupees just to visit the last great fat fairy.

I legit waited around 20 minutes for rain to stop because I wanted to scale a mountain, only to look like a fool when the rain was a story beat for the Zora dungeon and it wasn't going to stop until I talk to the annoying Prince and continue the story. When this game wants to be terribly annoying it can do so in an instant.

Yeah, happened to me too. If you see the same weather forecast three times in a row then it's usually a safe assumption that it's permanent in that area or caused by a side quest/event/wizzrobe.

Yeah, I've run into him twice in different locations. I think he is "trying to find his way home" and mirrors your journey loosely. He's been sticking at the second location so far, hoping I can get a few more slots before he moves again, but I used all of my seeds.

But every journey in this game can be different. I have not encountered him again since the first meeting so he doesn't seem to be following my journey. Just out of curiousity, care to list the second location you've seen him at in a spoiler tag in case others don't want to know? I've got over 60 Korok seeds and I'd love to get some more inventory slots.

Follow the road out of Kakariko village and head north. You'll find him by a stable just south of a Sheikah tower.

Quick question since I don't want to start scanning a FAQ and spoil myself too much on items.

Can you acquire a pot of your own to cook in? I'm wondering if I've missed something there. I can drop some wood and start my own fire but I can't cook over it.

Not that I know of. The best you can do is throw stuff into the fire and roast it.

The guy who gives you hints also pops up at some stables

There are 900 koroks across this game. So anyone wanting to 100% is in for a tough time

Luckily, you only need 441 to fully upgrade your stashes.

Something I wish some NPC would have told me: Dragons only appear at night. I spent way too much time doing literally nothing waiting for one to spawn.

I wonder if it is the case for certain ones. The reason I say this is that (warning dragon spoilers if you don't want to know too much on the subject) I decided to wander over to the Nabaru Snowfields (spelling could be off on that name) which is a short distance away from Hatero Village. Because of its position, I started climbing the mountains just outside Hatero and eventually made my way to the top of one of the peaks with the one the three trees you can see from the village and is part of a riddle for a Shrine Quest. I needed to use some of my cold resistant food from that height as the Warm Doublet wasn't enough at that height.

From there I was able to see Mount Lanayru but knew I wasn't equipped to tackle it. I did want more information on it though so I took out my camera and zoomed around for some close-up views but with snow blowing around things weren't too visible. I was looking at my day/weather to see if the storm might clear up and it was 4:00 pm but appeared to be stormy for awhile yet. The camera, however, picked up and registered something on Mount Lanayru so I snapped the picture and then looked in my Sheikah-pedia and it turned out to be a dragon that is resting on the mountain. That was the first dragon I had discovered and come across. Yet, that dragon was definitely out in the daytime. But maybe it's different if it is respawning. Did you actually kill a dragon?

I later went to the Faron region and discovered the dragon you were talking about with the yellow/greenish glow of light moving around the jungle. He's later appeared around Hylia Bridge. But everytime I've encountered him has been at night so maybe it is a night only dragon and the other one I saw is an all-day dragon? Still so much to discover.

That dragon is different. He's a boss battle you have to free first before you get random appearances of him. If you have a fire rod or similar, that will raise your temperature just by equipping it.

Something I wish some NPC would have told me: Dragons only appear at night. I spent way too much time doing literally nothing waiting for one to spawn.

The discarding of a green uniform. I don't think there has been a game where there wasn't a picture of Link (on one Link in the case of 4 Swords/Triforce Heroes) wearing his green tunic / outfit. It's the Blue Champion's shirt that's on the cover and I've seen no sign of a green uniform yet. It might still come up somewhere near the end. I know there are some green clothes that can be obtained by Amiibo but those bonuses aside the in game world and shops have had nothing resembling the traditional Hero's Outfit. When the very first short clip of BotW was released and Link was wearing this blue uniform, I just assumed that it was taken from the opening of the game with Link as part of a small humble village before he gets the call to be a hero and put on the garb like Wind Waker or Twilight Princess but that is not the case.

There is a dye shop in Hateno village that can change the color of any clothes to green if it bugs you that much.

Oh, so that's what the Blood Moon does. I didn't understand what the big deal about it was. I thought that maybe it was just making enemies tougher during that time or adding some extra enemies to the map but it restores them all back again. Ah. Makes sense now that I think about the cutscene that plays when it happens. Too bad. I could of wish enemies would stay down to seem like you are making progress in the game to remove all evil from the land instead of having to worry about refighting some of these enemies in the same spots. Might as well just avoid fighting enemies then since it's almost a waste of time aside from treasures you might collect from them.

I suppose you could avoid the blood moon by sitting at a fire and skipping all the nights.

I'm considering restarting the game and sticking with three hearts... but then I'm also a collector and want to get everything... Why must you mock me, game?!

In the 2nd village (Hateno) you'll find something that will get rid of unwanted heart containers

So far I died 7 times:
3 times from falling off the temple
3 times from being unable to get off the fucking tower
Once from setting myself on fire then freezing to death

The end boss is going to be Einstein killing you with physics

Here's an interesting nugget from Kotaku's Switch review regarding Zelda's performance on handheld vs docked.

Breath of the Wild looks and performs noticeably worse when plugged into the dock than it does in handheld mode, a potentially worrying indicator of how the Switch’s graphics processing hardware will hold up over time. When I play on the TV, I notice frequent dips below the game’s 30fps frame rate, sometimes to the point that it’s genuinely distracting and makes it harder to play. Any time I’m running in tree-shade on a sunny day in Hyrule, zooming in for a closer view, or moving quickly through the rain, it feels like things drop into at least the 20-25fps zone.

If I pop the console out of the dock and start playing in tablet mode, everything immediately runs more smoothly. The frame rate is solid in the same places (with a few exceptions), and the overall image is crisper. The disparity is likely because the Switch runs at 720p resolution in handheld mode and bumps up to a more demanding higher resolution (1080p in general, 900p in the case of Zelda) when plugged into the TV.

Has anyone compared the Switch version to the WiiU one in terms of frame rate yet?

Aw, I was looking forward to seeing if TofuFury could pull off a legendary upset and play a perfect game using his whoring to vote off the Godfather each remaining day.

NWR Mafia Games / Re: Mafia LXXII: Star Trek Universe. Day 5. Red Alert!
« on: February 20, 2017, 09:20:23 PM »
Why is everyone just ignoring this:

Khush forgot to give me my role! :(

If Lucario has a role which he was unaware of then he is likely Lore, Borg (and activated), or the Doctor as both the Godfather and Whore are active and the Godfather surely wouldn't ignore the Mafia Investigator. If he was the Doctor or Borg then the mafia would surely jump on his ass and try to bandwagon him today. The fact that there is silence on issue and that he's not showing up leads me to believe that he is Lore.

NWR Mafia Games / Re: Mafia LXXII: Star Trek Universe. Day 5. Red Alert!
« on: February 20, 2017, 07:02:36 PM »
Stevey's remained visible through most of the game, but not in a way to make waves. I'm willing to hear his side, but he's my guess for this round.

Besides the Borg worry, I want to avoid placing a vote unless I'm confident on it because I don't want to help the mafia bandwagon anyone and that gives room for the whore to reverse the vote if need be. So far there haven't been any good arguments for any of the votes to join them.

NWR Mafia Games / Re: Mafia LXXII: Star Trek Universe. Day 3. Shields Up!
« on: February 16, 2017, 08:47:40 PM »
Stevey- Stevey has yet to vote in a round, but remains active in the threads.

Was there any reason to vote out those 2 townies?

I don't like how some people are more than eager to start bandwagons with nothing.

NWR Mafia Games / Re: Mafia LXXII: Star Trek Universe. Day 2. Fire At Will!
« on: February 15, 2017, 09:03:24 PM »
4 for Tophatant
2 for Mop
2 for tofufury

NWR Mafia Games / Re: Mafia LXXII: Star Trek Universe. Day 2. Fire At Will!
« on: February 15, 2017, 06:18:01 PM »
Star Trek got me interested in constructed languages.

This might be good for you guys to decode.

"I am a townie"?

successsssss, someone solved one of these. Question what method did you use to figure it out?

I just guessed that it was a letter substitution so -- would have to be "a" and -- would be "I". "a*" was obviously "am" and then just guessed "****i*" was "townie"

We need to work together and try making a consensus on motions, consolidating lynch directives can decrease the likelihood of Borg activation, provided they didn't get alerted yesterday.

So far we have mostly been voting for those who already had their vote cherries popped.

Interesting that bandwagons can be used as a positive in this game. No one got assimilated today, so either everyone who was voted for yesterday is not the borg queen, or the borg queen wakes up slower than a Windows XP laptop in hibernation mode.
That means in all likelyhood:
Mop it up

are not the Borg queen.

Not necessarily. Assimilation happens as a night action after she gets activated so the earliest would be tonight (assuming Khush tells us someone got assimilated). And even then, she could choose not to use her power for a few days to hide herself until everyone has been voted for at least once.

NWR Mafia Games / Re: Mafia LXXII: Star Trek Universe. Day 2. Fire At Will!
« on: February 15, 2017, 01:19:25 PM »
Star Trek got me interested in constructed languages.

This might be good for you guys to decode.

"I am a townie"?

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