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I kind of want to do my own stuff a bit more legit. I've decided not to use any of the large sums money I got from breaking the turnip market into pieces with two copies of the game on my main person's mortgage. I have I believe 2.5 mil left on it total which is a lot but it's something I can chip away at slowly over time which sounds like a nice time. I don't really care about the catalog but I do want to get the museum completed.

So let's talk about the second episode of the show.

The scenes with Phobos and Cedric in the throne room are pretty weak. They had a pretty solid showing during the first episode but they seem pretty generic so far during this episode. Phobos acting surprised that there is a new set of guardians is a bit odd considering that during the last episode there was a brief scene of him seeing a vision of Will taking the heart of Kandrakar. At least Phobos is taking the time to show off his cool Rose motif.

The girls back at the are a bit better. The dialogue between them feels a bit awkward but given the circumstances they’re going through that kind of makes sense. I do appreciate that they remembered that Will is supposed to be the new girl and thus may not be familiar with how picture day works in their school. The sort of uneasiness over the whole magic powers and snake monsters thing from last episode continues in this one which is nice.

Caleb meets Blunk, who is honestly a pretty superfluous character for this show. He's a comic relief character like Irma but while Irma's comedy comes from her incredibly well written one liners, Blunk is more into pratfalls and a more juvenile style of humor. I just don't feel like Blunk adds that much to the show. He's a greedy smuggler goblin thing with an annoying voice and who gets way too much screentime. Most of the humor for Blunk that actually works for me comes from his expressions. He is by far the most expressive character in the show and the animators make great use of it.

Back on earth there's a scene where the girls are debating whether or not to try to rescue Caleb, with Hay Lin and Irma fully on board with the idea and Cornelia and Taranee wanting to at least wait until after picture day. While you can question their priorities it would be legitimately out of character for Cornelia and Taranee to have the same amount of bravado about this whole thing as Irma and Hay Lin do. There is still a fair bit of the uneasiness about this whole thing from them. Will looks really sad when it’s revealed that Taranee won’t be continuing to accompany her on the walk home (apparently they live close to eachother) since she’s going to Irma’s place to avoid her dad’s cooking.

This episode gives a fair bit of focus to Cornelia so I feel like I should talk about her character a bit. You know how in a lot of shows with a female lead in a school setting there's that alpha bitch super popular self centered cheerleader type who mostly exists to make the main character's life miserable? That's who Cornelia is. What makes Cornelia so interesting as a character is that they've taken this character archetype that normally serves in some kind of antagonistic role and made her into one of the show's protagonists and they did so without sacrificing the more unlikable parts of that kind of character. Cornelia is also the most stereotypically girly of the group by a wide margin with her obsession with clothing and shopping, which fits with her whole alpha bitch/Valley girl personality, but at the end of the day, she is a very kind person.

Despite the harsh language I've used to describe her with, I adore Cornelia as a character. The writers did a great job making her pretty much completely unlikable early on while at the same time showing brief glimpses of who she'll become later in the series. The Cornelia we see at the end of season 2 is a very different person from the Cornelia we see in episode 2 and her growth as a person throughout the series as she begins to overcome her own narcissism and selfishness is what makes her one of the most endearing characters in the show. She's also drastically different from the Cornelia in the comics, who is more of a refined but gentle big sister type character.

Anyways, later in the episode Will gets kidnapped but she leaves her bag behind and the Heart of Kandrakar is in her bag. Taranee finds it on her way back to school the next day and quickly realises what’s going on. I really like the attention to detail here. A few scenes ago it was established that Will and Taranee usually walk through the same dark alleyway (apparently school buses don’t exist in Heatherfield) to get home so it makes sense that Taranee is the one who finds the bag. We briefly cut to Phobos being a bit unhappy about Will not having the Heart with her. Apparently the girls are able to see this as it happens through the heart and with Will likely being in danger Taranee feels obligated to go to Meridian to save her, Considering how out of character this is for Taranee (she’s very shy and really easily scared in the animated series so it’s really weird to see her being so passionate about going to Meridian this early on) it kind of implies that she feels guilty about not accompanying Will home earlier in the episode, especially since doing so could have made it more difficult for Will to be kidnapped, although the show never goes out of it's way to say it. This is something I really like about this show, it manages to have little subtle character moments like this that just happen, like they don't feel the need to put a spotlight on it or anything like that,

Cornelia decides at some point during the episode after they get to Meridian that now is a good time for her to subvert the blonde stereotype and devises a way for them to get across the castle moat. I like how even though Taranee is supposed to be the smart one and Will is supposed to be the leader  the other girls are still given plenty of opportunities to show that they can also be the ones to come up with ideas or lead the charge on something.

Phobos is able to detect that the Heart of Kandrakar is now in his castle. I don't have much to say about this right now, I just feel like it's worth pointing out for some reason. It's really convenient that he has the ability to detect the presence of our heroes' super-powered macguffin in this episode. It would be a shame if this was just a one time thing the writers threw in as an excuse to get Phobos to send his minions after the girls.

After fetching Caleb and Will the girls face off against a creature known as Gargoyle and manage to escape through a portal. Gargoyle reaches through the portal to grab them but Will just closes the portal, which is a cool scene. Gargoyle has an interesting design, kind of this stone golem thing with a giant eye like a cyclops, and a mushroom like head, and seaweed like hair but he has tragically little screentime for this episode. While the girls were in the castle the show built up Cedric as the Villain the girls would end up facing but than they fight Gargoyle instead. It feels like it would have been better if Gargoyle was saved for another episode and they just fought Cedric instead since he gets a fair amount of buildup.

Overall it's a pretty solidish episode but I feel like the first episode was stronger. I feel like this episode nicely shows some of the show's strengths but it also begins to really show some of season 1's weaknesses. The pacing in this episode is a bit of a mess and that's the main thing dragging it down.

A 6.8/10 probably.

It's weird because I feel like I'm holding this show to exorbitantly high standards that it can't possibly meet but than the thing is in season 2 it does meet those standards. Heck even within Season 1 there is a bit of improvement as the season progresses but we'll talk about that when it comes. The show feels like it has a lot of potential and as it goes on I feel it manages to straighten itself out and become something special, anyways, here's the third episode, the key:

The episode picks off after the last one, I’d say maybe a day after it at most. Cedric and another character named Raythor inform Phobos that they believe Caleb had help from someone in the castle with his escape, since they found his shackles in his cell and the key for them is missing. I didn’t mention this last episode but a big blue guard guy named Vathek was pretty blatently helping Caleb out, which included sneaking him the key in question. It’s never stated how they know Vathek was the one who gave Caleb the key but I really like that this episode is sort of expanding on something from the last episode.

On earth Hay Lin is dressing up Caleb to help him blend in, much to his protest. Hay Lin is the artistic one of the group and she seems to have all kinds of outfits designed for her unwilling fashion model. This seems like a good time to go in depth a bit with Hay Lin so I will. As I mentioned she’s very much into art and she can be seen dabbling in all sorts of artistic endeavors throughout the series, such as how right now she’s dabbling in fashion design. She’s an extremely very bright and cheerful character who does alot but later on we’ll learn that she actually has a crippling issue with self doubt and she can be quite paranoid..

She’s probably my least favorite of the five but she’s still a really good character. She gets a ton of really good character moments and her wide eyed optimism makes her an excellent addition to the group.

After an amusing scene of Blunk trying to sell some junk he collected on earth Blunk learns that Vathek is in danger and heads to earth to try to sell that information to Caleb. I really like how they handle this, apparently Caleb stashed the key somewhere after he escaped so Vathek could retrieve it and be covered for his escape. Caleb quickly deduces that Blunk is responsible for the key’s disappearance and after finding out that Blunk had the key with him vows to return to Meridian to return it.

There’s a scene of the girls practicing their powers in a remote beach area which is a neat touch. They seem to be starting to get the hang of things but it’s still pretty much a trainwreck.

They learn that Caleb went back to Meridian and go after Blunk for answers. Hay Lin’s reaction to Blunk having the clothes she made for Caleb is amazing. The girls learn that Blunk has the ability to sniff up portals which is neat and follow him to Meridian,

At one point Caleb runs into Aldarn from the first episode and I love the scene of Aldarn asking Caleb about how he crossed the veil and asking what it’s like on the other side. Caleb talks about how the teenagers there he saw earlier in the episode “stand on boards with wheels and do 360-fakey ollies” and say “like” in the middle of sentences for no reason. Aldarn says all of this “sounds good” and honestly it’s really a really endearing scene.

I like how Aldarn continues to be the sort of counterpart to Caleb’s unflinching bravery. There’s a consistent trend with him basically trying to reel in Caleb’s more crazy and ambitious ideas. Anyways, Caleb, Aldarn, and the girls run into eachother. I like how we see Aldarn trying to use the earth lingo he heard from Caleb to flirt with Cornelia (for the record, he doesn’t know the girls are from earth). It’s a brilliant little humanising touch for Aldarn, who is otherwise a fairly minor supporting character.

I really like how at this point the girls seem to largely treat this whole guardian thing like some kind of game at this point, it makes the impact when they start to realize how bad things are on Meridian in a few episodes hit a bit harder. It’s a good touch.

The girls manage to frame Raythor for the whole missing key thing and he gets dragged off to Phobos. I don’t remember if this is mentioned later in the season or something but eventually we learn that he got dropped in the abyss of shadows which is apparently Phobos’s preferred means of execution that was built up throughout the episode. Basically the only thing Raythor has going for him is that he has one of Wolverine’s voice actors doing a great job with him. He largely feels like a one note villain and it’s a shame because I like his design. It kind of feels like it isn’t so much that Cedric thinks Vathek is innocent after all of this so much as that Cedric is just happy to have a chance to get rid of Raythor. Maybe there’s some kind of rivalry there, who knows.

Anyways, the episode ends with Hay Lin dressing Blunk up in ridiculous clothes. Blunk seems to be pretty into it and it’s just a cute way to end the episode.

Honestly this is the strongest episode out of the entire show so far. The pacing is excellent. Theres some great humor, we’re starting to see the build up Meridian, it’s pretty solid. It’s easily an 8/10. There's a really bad production snafu where Irma's voice comes out of Will's mouth during one of the scenes that holds it back. This show may be made on the cheap but even than that's kind of ridiculous.

I've said it before, I'll say it again: Welcome Amiibo has more new stuff compared to New Leaf than City Folk had compared to Wild World.

You also need to acquire the campground stuff that Harvey sells for Meow tokens (That's 103 items right there) and the Monster Hunter stuff.

Oh and who can forget the Hello Kitty crossover stuff, or the prize items you get for the island survival and puzzle league minigames, and the animal crossing amiibo figures tend to have some exclusive stuff of their own.

If I had to give an estimate there are about 180 new items from that update but I can't find a list for them for sure.

I decided that I'm going to turn one of my storage alts' houses into some kind of Grocery/Department store type motif so I'm interested in trying to acquire the Japan only event exclusive 7-11 furniture set. (The other two will probably be a warehouse and a place where I dump all the video game themed stuff they have nowadays like the Splatoon and Zelda stuff.)

On the off chance I actually manage to acquire the Set Khush and anyone else is more than welcome to dupe the hell out of it since apparently Khush never managed to get it.

I like how when Crimm mentioned this on the Podcast recently he conveniently forgot to mention the part where this thread has been haunting the forums for close to a decade.

Apparently the first dungeon item forces you to use the microphone to use it, which, the moment I saw that I immediately pressed the home button and closed the software out of disgust so I probably have to redo a bunch of content. Did this game think it could do with the Microphone what Phantom Hourglass did with the touchscreen or something?


Let's go Godzilla vaporwave.

for bnm

TalkBack / Re: Ten More Games Announced For Genesis Mini
« on: April 20, 2019, 09:12:17 PM »
Apparently M2 is doing the emulation so unless Sega gave them a literal toaster to run Genesis games off of we should be in good hands.

I might be missing some but here they are.

Day 1:
MASB kill Stratos
Khush kill Khush
Stratos kill Shyguy
Lolmonade kill theperm
Silenced kill Nickmitch
Nickmitch kill Lucario
Insanolord kill Lucario
ThePerm kill Lucario
BShy kill Silenced

Day 2:
MASB kill Nickmitch
NWR_Insanolord kill MASB
Nickmitch kill Mop it Up
Lolmonade kill Bshy
Mop it Up's kill Insanolord
BeautifulShy kill lolmonade

Also Steef's victory was based on Caffinated Cheese not showing up so when he did show up that victory was nullified, especially with how quickly he decided to turn up.

Quote from: Kotaku twitter
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Persona 5 DLC includes a disability slur

Good on Kotaku for fighting the good fight against misheard Japanese lyrics that maybe loosely sounds like a slur if you have no hearing. We all salute you.

Movies & TV / Re: Star Wars Fanhouse, Chewie, we're home!
« on: April 18, 2019, 08:39:18 PM »
The new batch of 12 episodes and the 13 lost missions ones form 25 episodes total which isn't too far from the other seasons which had 22 episodes each so I suspect they'll just all be considered part of season 6.

The thing with these 12 episodes is that they focus mainly on Rex, Ahsoka, and to a lesser extent Anakin who are basically the three main characters for TCW (or the closest thing TCW has to main characters anyways.) This feels like more wrapping up the main storyline than anything but I could see a few extra batches of "Lost Missions" type storylines coming along to wrap up some of the other loose ends TCW left behind but a lot of those stories were released as Comics or Novels so it's hard to say for sure if they'll be willing to redo them as animation, especially considering how expensive TCW was getting to produce. Than again Bad Batch was released already as a story reel and that's a part of the new set of episodes (although that also means they only have to finish it's animation.)

The issue that TCW has is it's budget. As I mentioned in the other thread George Lucas was basically personally bankrolling TCW and he was willing to put more than a million dollars per episode for the animation alone towards the end. Lucas apparently saw TCW as a bit of a pet project more than anything and was more than happy to lose a ton of money on it but Disney doesn't exactly share that willingness. They might be willing to hemorrhage some money to get some people on the Disney+ bandwagon and win some much needed goodwill with the more hardcore Star Wars fanbase but Disney is pretty much only here for the money.

We might see a few storylines released basically standalone (probably even using the lost missions banner) but I suspect this will be the last time Disney will be willing to do a full series of any kind.

I believe the Lost Missions were just finished episodes that Netflix got the streaming rights for. They might have financed a bit of touch up work but that's about it.

Movies & TV / Re: Star Wars Fanhouse, Chewie, we're home!
« on: April 18, 2019, 05:03:39 PM »
The real Star Wars thing that's worth getting excited for is the TCW finale, the seige of Mandalore being brought to the big screen. I have a rough idea of the plotline for this one and holy ****, based on this scene they released for it it's going to be absolutely incredible.

Disney seems to be referring to the new season as season 6 which would mean they're technically part of the same season as the Lost Missions. A big part of the lost missions stuff was some of the Order 66 stuff starting to come to light through various circumstances so it honestly makes a lot more sense to end the series at that point in time than to have the Jedi council just twiddling their thumbs even though they know there's something up with the clones for another two seasons which was the original plan before Disney bought star wars. It's also incredibly fitting that the seige of Mandalore will now be a part of season 6 instead of season 8 because the Seige of Mandalore ends with Order 66 being enacted against Ahsoka because as we know from the Ahsoka novel, Seige of Mandalore takes place during Revenge of the Sith.

Either way I am massively hyped for the return of TCW.

Maybe there's character customization and the hand is like an oven mitt or something.

General Chat / Re: Everything Android - The Official Android Thread
« on: April 18, 2019, 01:01:26 AM »
I cannot wait to see the comments section of the inevitable jerryrigeverything video.

Movies & TV / Re: Star Wars IX The Rise of Skywalker
« on: April 17, 2019, 09:02:53 PM »
Why stop at R2-D2? There's a reason they had James Earl Jones dub over the voice of Darth Vader.

Movies & TV / Re: Star Wars IX The Rise of Skywalker
« on: April 17, 2019, 05:25:56 PM »
When Lucas made the Clone Wars team do a Jar Jar focused episode they often tried to pair him up with some serious character (which ironically included C3PO at some point) to basically serve as the straight man for him which helps but I feel like the only time they actually struck gold with Jar Jar was when they paired him up with the other super unlikable prequel character, Mace Windu. The two operate on such opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of Mace being super serious and no nonsense while Jar Jar is... Jar Jar that just seeing them together on screen is kind of amusing in and of itself.

Holy ****, Zelda is dead?!?!?!?!?

Also, **** the Spirit Flute. No seriously, it's remarkable how with one move the game managed to find itself right next to Zelda 2 and Skyward Sword as one of the absolute worst games in the Zelda series. The Train is serviceable enough but the flute feels like a tech demo that you could maybe make a decent 200 point DSiware game out of that has absolutely no place in a Zelda game and drags the whole thing down.

NWR Feedback / Re: Standard Avatars
« on: April 17, 2019, 12:32:38 PM »
Can I put some up in .png?

Movies & TV / Re: Star Wars IX The Rise of Skywalker
« on: April 17, 2019, 12:19:56 PM »
I'm just going to leave this here:

for BNM

Movies & TV / Re: Star Wars IX The Rise of Skywalker
« on: April 16, 2019, 11:59:46 PM »
I also hate the art style. I never liked it. It's offputing. Some styles put you off of shows. It looks like if you got a bunch of Egyptian New Kingdom statues and marionetted them around. It hits my uncanny valley reflex hard.

It's funny that you mention the artstyle actually. Two of my favorite TCW story arcs (the later seasons started doing 4 episode long story arcs that basically form their own movies when binged) are "The Bad Batch" and "Crystal Crisis" arcs. The Bad Batch is an absolute treat although it basically requires you to watch a bunch of the other clone focused episodes to get the full experience out of. It's incredibly dark and the reveal that Echo survived the Citadel arc and what ended up happening to him is incredibly haunting. The Bad Batch themselves are also a fun group of characters

Crystal Crisis is just a fun romp with absolutely incredible banter between Obi-Wan and Anakin but it also has a direct tie in with A New Hope with the giant lightsaber crystal that the episode focuses on being strongly implied to be capable of being used to help power something like a Death Star Superlaser. I strongly recommend it. All you need to know is that Ahsoka decided to leave the Jedi order at the end of season 5 and as I'm sure you can imagine Anakin is taking it really well.

Both of these arcs were released as unfinished story reels (although Bad Batch is being finished for the Disney+ season 7 revival thingy.) They're fully voiced but the animation is incomplete, there are still placeholder models in some of the scenes, it's kind of a mess in terms of visuals, I mean look at this:

for BNM

TCW's artstyle is kind of offputting for me in the early seasons because the animation just feels kind of sloppy between the early seasons being kind of rushed and the fact that the team didn't have the resources to fully realize the style they were going for but once George Lucas started throwing his own money into the project the animation becomes absolutely spectacular.

Rebels was always kind of "just there" for me in terms of animation. It has a style, it works, but while it has it's moments I never felt like it was as impressive as TCW was and a fair amount of that is that Disney unsurprisingly decided to have them work with a budget smaller than George Lucas's bank account.

To give context on my opinion of the prequel trilogy: Hayden Christenson is generally an absolute trainwreck as Anakin (although most of that is the writing and direction he got) and Jar Jar was a bit annoying in TPM although honestly it's more offputting for me to see him basically be reduced to a background character in ROTS because of the backlash he got than anything. Otherwise they're perfectly fine. I honestly prefer episodes 1 and 3 over The Force Awakens personally.

The wording seems to imply that they're using some kind of proprietary variant of an SSD. Not that Sony would ever use proprietary memory on their devices. ;)

General Gaming / Re: PS5 aka Playstation 5 aka Sony Next Gen
« on: April 16, 2019, 04:20:06 PM »
- Contains super SSD with "a raw bandwidth higher than any SSD available for PCs"
So that's code for either a Proprietary, or non user replaceable storage solution for the PS5 right? Awesome!
If the crazy rumors that Sony came up with a way to emulate PS1-PS3 games on this thing and it's compatible with your old discs are true I might be interested but in this world of HD remasters there's no F-ing way.

- Contains super SSD with "a raw bandwidth higher than any SSD available for PCs"
So that's code for either a Proprietary, or non user replaceable storage solution for the PS5 right? Awesome!

TalkBack / Re: Switch System Software 8.0 Launches With New Features
« on: April 16, 2019, 04:06:36 PM »
Save editing was a big thing on the 3DS and Nintendo seems to be really keen to keep that from happening on switch at all costs.

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