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TalkBack / Re: The Last Story Confirmed for Europe
« on: June 26, 2011, 03:20:20 AM »
Don't get discouraged!  Stop by the forums, join the campaign to get this and other games localized!

Hey everybody glad to see there's news of this going on here!  ;D

Just wanted to let you all know not to get discouraged and that there are many out there trying to get this localized.  A lot of ground is being made as 1-UP, GoNintendo, gamrFeed, Kotaku, and IGN have all been covering this.  I've been trying to make rounds and spread the word myself and highly recommend that any of you willing that may go to other forums and sites that may not have as many users or may be unaware of whats going on, to start threads there and get people informed.  The more who know of whats going on right now the better the chances we have at getting these games localized will be!

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