Author Topic: Yacht Club Games Announces Shovel Knight Enhanced Edition Among Other 10th Anniversary Reveals  (Read 316 times)

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And as with any retro game coming out in this year of Arceus 2024, it's got rewind and save states.

Yacht Club Games released a video today celebrating the 10th anniversary of their first release Shovel Knight (later renamed "Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope") with several new announcements.

The most concrete is a "remastered" version of the original Shovel Knight known as "Shovel of Hope DX". The DX version will include 20 playable characters (including the game's villain The Enchantress), rewind, save states, local/online same-screen co-op, and "every feature" from the original games including a stereoscopic 3D option. It will also be possible to pick the game's classic cheats - everything from invincibility to the "Butt Mode" that replaces random nouns in dialogue with "butt" - from a menu and have them run simultaneously. No release date or platforms were given. Nintendo World Report did inquire as to the possible multi-platform release of previously platform exclusive guest characters Kratos (from PlayStation series God of War) and the Battletoads (a Microsoft property via Rare), but was only promised more details at a later date.

Other announcements from the video:

  • A final DLC for Shovel Knight Dig, the "Wicked Wishes" DLC, will be made available this summer
  • Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon will receive a free "Paradox Pack" soon
  • New footage was shown for Yacht Club's upcoming overhead action/adventure title Mina the Hollower, though its only date is still "coming soon"
  • Although no footage was shown, a brand new Shovel Knight adventure that takes the game to a "new dimension" was announced at the end.

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Stereoscopic 3D you say  :o
I will totally pick this up again for another console that supports 3D as I never did get the 3Ds version.