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Other News From The June 18 Nintendo Direct
« on: June 18, 2024, 08:13:00 AM »

We got updates, we got shadowdrops, and we got... nothing from Aspyr? Nice.

Other news from the Nintendo Direct today:


  • The only brand new game of the Direct aside from the Mature NSO N64 app was Metal Slug Attack Reloaded, a tower defense take on the classic run-and-gun with 2 player online battles.
  • As inadvertently leaked and possibly spoiling this Drect's date in the process last week, a new update for Among Us has added new roles to the crew.
  • An update for Disney Illusion Island added "The Mystery in Monoth", in which players have to find clues in the area and solve a mystery in the epxloration platforming style.

Other Releases

  • Darkest Dungeon II, the sequel to the psychologically fraught dungeon crawler, was confirmed for Switch release on July 15.
  • One of the 3DS's quirkier franchies, The Denpa Men, will return in The New Denpa Men on July 22: the game is free to play and a Switch timed exclusive.
  • Plastic action title Funko Fusion will land September 13.
  • Akatoshi Kawazu's campaign to have blackmail material on every member of the Square Enix C-suite continues to pay dividends as Romancing SaGa 2 (1993, Super Famicom) will be remade for launch on October 24: the battle system will change from a turn-based system to a timing-based system as seen in Grandia or Child of Light.
  • After being notably absent from Ubisoft's presentation last week, Just Dance 2025 was announced for an October launch featuring Lady Gaga, Sia, and Ariana Grande among others on the soundtrack.
  • A Looney Tunes sports game - Wacky World of Sports - will introduce anvils and cartoon physics to basketball, soccer, golf, and tennis in the fall.
  • Marvelous announced a hybrid monster raising and farming RPG in Farmagia, launching on November 1 and featuring character designs from Fairy Tail artist Hiro Mashima.
  • Coincidentally, Koei Tecmo announced Fairy Tail 2, an action RPG that is set in the anime's final "Alvarez Empire" arc, launching this winter.
  • The Lego Horizon Adventure trailer from Summer Games Fest ran, with further expansion on the game's story, with only the "holiday" date.
  • Annapurna revealed another previously Sony-funded title for holiday in Stray, a game about a stray cat who has to find their way home.
  • Side-scrolling action RPG Mio: Memories in Orbit will bring the modifiable android to Switch in 2025.
  • Also due in 2025 is Phantom Brave: The Lost Hero, a sequel to the 2004 PlayStation 2 strategy RPG.
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