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Episode 393 - Papa Loves Mombo
« on: March 21, 2024, 04:45:00 PM »

We got a big boy for you today! An interview with the minds behind Super Mombo Quest plus the long awaited Undertale I Demand You!

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NWR reviews editor, author, Thirsty Magician, and real-life villain Jordan Rudek joins us this week for our big Undertale I Demand You segment!

Honestly, pretty action-packed show across the board. We start things out with some new business including Contra: Operation Galuga, Astro Duel 2, Dungeon Drafters, and Unicorn Overlord. Then, we pass things over to Perry who has an interview with a couple of the developers at Orube Game Studio, makers of the cool Celeste-style Metroidvania Super Mombo Quest. Thanks for joining us!

Next, we chat Undertale...FINALLY! We talk about its wild legacy, why Alex and Jordan think it's so good, why Perry and Casey need to actually beat it someday, and much more. Then, we close out the show looking at last year's predictions and seeing who won. Jordan will be back next month for 2024 predictions (lol) and the reveal of our next I Demand You!!!

Thanks to the J-Man "Michael himself" Rudek for joining us. Check out his book here!

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