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Top Rated Switch Games of 2021

by the NWR Staff - December 22, 2021, 9:31 am EST
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Take a look at our top review scores from the past year!

As the year draws to a close, let's take a look at the games our reviewers scored the highest. Here's a list of ever game we gave either a 9.5 or a 10 to in our official review. It was a great year with plenty of incredible games sitting just below these at 9 and 8.5, but we had to cut the list off somewhere.

Dicey Dungeons

9.5/10 - Neal Ronaghan

I came into Dicey Dungeons with high hopes and I was thoroughly blown away. It’s so smartly designed in how the classes and equipment all work together to create consistently unique and creative instances where you have to squeeze the usefulness out of almost every play style and strategy. The episodic design fits it very well, because it makes the early parts far more approachable, while keeping the variety up enough that even later episodes slow you down, you still have so much to enjoy. Dicey Dungeons is an amazing game that I’d almost call a roguelike game for people who don’t like roguelikes. You do have to like turn-based combat, though. And dice.


9.5/10 - Jordan Rudek

Later Alligator

9.5/10 -Alex Orona

From the unconventional adult swim style artwork animations to the hilariously written dialogue, Later Alligator presents a point and click adventure game with tons of heart. The cast all feel like exaggerated members of your own family and the mini games are refreshingly varied to rarely become cumbersome. Video game comedy is known to be hit or miss but with this game there’s fun to be had for everybody. After multiple playthroughs, I will continue to show off this game to anyone that will listen but until then… After while, crocodile.


9.5/10 - Neal Ronaghan

When Fez clicks, it’s sublime. Bouncing through the world while rotating it to figure out the right way to reach a platform nails the right balance of difficulty and reward. The way the game opens up as you play, revealing secrets on top of secrets is something I’ve never seen another game land quite as well. What stands out most to me about Fez after nine years is that I’m in the midst of my third playthrough and even with some of the sheer novelty being lessened, I’m as enthralled as I was back in 2012. Fez stands as a truly unique indie game that draws inspiration from classics but is wholly its own precious and maddening experience that needs to be played.

Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos

9.5/10 - Joel A. DeWitte

Knockout City

9.5/10 - Joshua Robin

I’m floored by how much I enjoy Knockout City. Despite the first trailer for the game being a bad way to sell the concept of the game, I always thought it looked good. I never would have guessed that Knockout City would be excellent. I haven’t had this much fun with my Switch or any other game console this year. Velan Studios has made an outstanding experience in Knockout City.


9.5/10 - Joe DeVader

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2

9.5/10 - Neal Ronaghan

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

9.5/10 - Matt Zawodniak

Tetris Effect: Connected

9.5/10 - Willem Hilhorst

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom - Prince's Edition

9.5/10 - Ted Hazell

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom has an incredible amount to offer, and everything that it does is delivered and executed to the highest standard. The art style is undeniably gorgeous, and the gameplay will have you hooked from the moment you arrive in Ding Dong Dell. A charming adventure that I am so happy to have gone on. All hail King Evan!

Love 3

9.5/10 - Jordan Rudek

Pure platformers seem more rare these days as game makers look to innovate and add to such a tried and true genre, but there's lots to be said for stripping the platformer down to its roots. Running, jumping, and avoiding obstacles is all you're asked to do here, but the rudimentary premise highlights how well the choose-your-own-difficulty of checkpoint setting works. More video games should emulate that on-the-fly, dynamic difficulty adjusting, but maybe it's the minimalist platformer where such a feature just sings. To say that I'm in love with LOVE 3 would be an understatement. Anyone who wants an incredible collection of platforming stages without the bells and whistles should look no further. This game is a gift to the genre.

The House in Fata Morgana

10/10 - Donald Theriault

The House In Fata Morgana had a profound effect on me: I now have an answer to the question of “what was the last game to leave you in tears”, and they went from tears of sadness to joy after the main story’s stinger. I’m not sure there’s going to be another visual novel on Switch that hits me this hard - but I’d love to see someone try.

A Monster's Expedition

10/10 - Joel A. DeWitte

There’s something really special about a well-crafted puzzle game. The difficulty has to be just right—taking mental equity to solve but not so easy as to be dull. There needs to be a clear logic to the puzzles throughout that acts as a foundation for each sequential one to build off of. What elevates it even further is world building and music design that sews it up into a tight, cohesive experience. A Monster's Expedition’s quick hits of small puzzles passes all of those criteria with flying colors, and you owe it to yourself to give it a look.

Metroid Dread

10/10 - John Rairdin

Frequent NWR guest and contributor Syrenne McNulty is a producer on A Monster's Expedition. The review was written and edited without any input from anyone who works with Syrenne.

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