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RFN 400: Every Video Stream (with Audio Commentary)

by Jonathan Metts - September 30, 2014, 12:43 pm EDT
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Here's a handy collection of all the streams from our special weekend. Includes games from NES to Wii U and everything between!

One of the best things about our recent Radio Free Nintendo 400th episode weekend is that we got to play a lot of games together, in person. Even better, we were able to share that experience with podcast fans through the magic of live streaming, and of course everything was archived to YouTube. You'll find all of the weekend's stream archives below, in one convenient location. These videos cover everything from recent Wii U games to NES classics and several kusoge ("shit games") that James selected for donors.

The setup was different than for most video game streams you might have seen before. We used the El Gato HD capture unit and Guillaume's laptop to stream directly from Jonny's living room, so you'll see these games just as we did on the television. We also connected a wide-area microphone via USB, so every game has live audio commentary from the whole group. It's a lot like listening to the podcast, except you also get video feed of the games we're talking about. There's even a Wii U video call with RFN alumnus Greg Leahy and our friend from Connectivity, Daan Koopman! (To watch any video in full screen, just click the lower-right corner's "YouTube" button to open a new window and proceed normally.)


MoRZSeptember 30, 2014

Are the videos posted in the chronological order as they were recorded? Thanks for the great RFN400, already listened to the episode and watched the videos with Greg and Shovel Knight.

KDR_11kOctober 01, 2014

The volume of the podcast is so low that even when I turn my ipod up to full I have trouble hearing it over environmental noise like traffic.

ShyGuyOctober 01, 2014

I caught some bits and pieces live, glad it got archived.

Yes, these are in the order that they were streamed (or that was my goal, at least).

I've heard the feedback on low volume for RFN 400. It does seem to be quieter than usual, and I blame that on the default gain of the studio tracks and my hardcore earplug-style headphones being used during editing.

I'll consider remixing the files to be louder by default, if we get a few more complaints. (Many people have responded to the episode with no mention of it, so I'm hesitant to go through the long process of fixing and re-uploading.) Until then, you may want to check the volume limiter feature on your music player -- this is typically used to protect people's hearing from bad headphones. Also, try using better headphones that block out external sounds.

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