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Where Did All the eShop Games Go?

Siesta Fiesta, Moon Chronicles, and Ittle Dew

by Neal Ronaghan - April 28, 2014, 10:44 am EDT

What's the status on the latest from Mojo Bones, Renegade Kid, and Ludosity?

Siesta Fiesta

Developer: Mojo Bones
Platform: 3DS
Previous Release Window: March
Current Release Window: May

What is it?: Siesta Fiesta is a whimsical take on Breakout/Arkanoid where you control a sleepy boy named Siesta who is traveling through a Fiesta on a bed.

What is the developer saying?: “Unfortunately, the game is delayed due to us adding more content than original anticipated – we’re really pushing for it to be a stand-out title on the eShop. We’re very close to submission and we’re looking at a May release.” Stuart Ryall, Co-Founder/Design at Mojo Bones

Moon Chronicles

Developer: Renegade Kid
Platform: 3DS
Previous Release Window: March
Current Release Window: May/June

What is it?: An episodic 3DS remake of Renegade Kid’s 2009 DS game Moon, an exploration-focused first-person shooter. Check out our preview for more details.

What is the developer saying?: “We first submitted the game to Nintendo on March 18, and it failed - no major bugs, but some things we had to addressed. We resubmitted the game on April 7.” Jools Watsham, Co-Founder/Director at Renegade Kid

Note: Since we contacted Renegade Kid, Nintendo of America approved Moon Chronicles Episode 1; it’s now waiting for approval from Japan.

Ittle Dew

Developer: Ludosity
Platform: Wii U
Previous Release Window: February/March
Current Release Window: May

What is it?: Basically, Ittle Dew is an ode to 2D Zelda games with a parody twist. Check out our preview for more details.

What is the developer saying?: “A combination of unfinished middleware and long turnaround for resubmissions has delayed Ittle Dew quite a few months. But everything should be in place now, we're just waiting for the final go-ahead. As soon as that comes through we'll reveal the launch date, but it shouldn't be long now.” Joel Nyström, CEO/Founder, Ludosity


xcwarriorApril 28, 2014

We've always had delays with games, but now with the internet and social media and the need for constant info, delays feel like they are so much more painful than ever before.

But Indy devs, as stated, have no clue how long it takes to make a game.

ShyGuyApril 28, 2014

A number of these were on display at GDC, right? So I don't think there is any vaporware.

No, certainly not vaporware. I think the Teslagrad response covers the essence of the problems -- there were unexpected problems with the middleware and/or the devs don't have experience tuning it to work best with Wii U, the last bit of polish always takes longer than you think, and the lot check process takes way longer than indie devs are used to on other platforms. Hopefully, the first and last of those things can be smoothed out by more effort on Nintendo's side. I guess it's just more telling that Nintendo was willing to use these estimates in their press release (because there was nothing else to talk about), despite the long history of launch misses, especially on the Nintendo digital distribution side. On the other hand, the alternative is the case of Block Drop U, the only Nintendo Web Framework game to release within the first year, but in a state that was barely out of prototype stage.

MagicCow64April 28, 2014

Funny, I just booted up the Indie channel on the eShop last week looking for something to power through while I was sick, and was surprised at the dearth of releases, as I recalled a pretty loaded Spring slate. Luckily Knytt Underground was ready to go, and awesome. (And kind of crazy long.)

Leo13April 28, 2014

When I read the title for this article I thought it was going to say it's been Nintendo's fault. I'm happy to hear that's not the case.

Vampire-JekyllApril 29, 2014

It is ok. I am a Nintendo fan. I am used to waiting a little extra longer to get great games.

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