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Japan eShop Round-Up (02/26/2014)

by Danny Bivens - February 26, 2014, 7:44 am EST
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Dig up fossils and then fight on your 3DS...or something...

The latest entry into the Fossil Fighters series (known as Kaseki Horider or Fossil Diggers) is set to arrive this week on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. The series, which is published and developed by Nintendo (and some other collaborative devs) started out on the DS in 2008. While I’m not really well versed in the series, the Mugen Gear (Infinite Gear) looks to offer a variety of gameplay allowing players to drive vehicles, uncover fossils with the touchscreen and fight dinosaurs. Other than this big release from Nintendo, the eShop offerings are a bit on the tame side this week. There are, however, six new Virtual Console games spread across both the Wii U and 3DS so lovers of old school, semi-obscure games are in luck. Well, if you have a Japanese system that is! At any rate, be sure to check out the list below for a complete look at the releases this week!


Downloadable Titles
Simple DL Series Vol. 24 The Misshitsu kara no Dasshutsu - Iyasa Renai Onsen-hen - 500 yen
Simple DL Series Vol. 24 The Misshitsu kara no Dasshutsu - Iyasa Renai Onsen-hen DEMO - FREE
Dokopon Choice Dragon Ball Color-ban Saiya-jin-hen 1-4-kan + Omake Pack - 1,800 yen
Puchinoberu Zōyo no Ni-gatsu - 200 yen
Kaseki Holder Mugen Gear (retail title) - 4,571 yen (from 2/27)
Dorachie Minidora Ongaku-tai to Nana-tsu no chie (retail title) - 4,800 yen (from 2/27)
Comic Kōbō DEMO - FREE
Kuma-mon Bomber Puzzle d Kuma-mon Taisō DEMO - FREE

Virtual Console
2010 Street Fighter (Famicom) - 500 yen
R-Type (PC Engine) - 600 yen
Alien Crush (PC Engine) - 600 yen

Wii U

Downloadable Titles

Virtual Console
Dr. Mario (Famicom) - 500 yen
Romancing SaGa 3 (Super Famicom) - 800 yen
Super Star Soldier (PC Engine) - 600 yen


azekeFebruary 26, 2014

R-Type pls

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