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The Planet GameCube Louie Awards 2004

Planet GameCube Quotes of the Year

by the NWR Staff - February 1, 2005, 8:02 am EST

All the buzz on the year that was. It's our 2004 Louie Awards.

Planet GameCube Quotes of the Year

Bonnie Ruberg: "Did you send out those invitations? I told you no more than

fifty people!" -Luis (in bottle cap form), Resident Evil 4

Ben Kosmina: "Would you like to buy some pictures of your wife?" - Wesley Snaps, Photographer, SabreWulf

Daniel Bloodworth: "The Legend of Zelda never stops changing, and this game is not different. We are now taking you to a world where Link has grown up. A world

where he will act different and look different. In order to grow, Link must

not stand still, and neither can I." -Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo Press


Robert Graves: "I will cut off my own head before we port RE4 to PS2" – Mikami Shinji

Jonathan Lindemann: "Some days I wish I could roll up into a morph ball and commute to work using a morph ball tube". - Me, after hours of playing Metroid

Prime 2: Echoes and sitting in Atlanta traffic

Jonathan Metts: "Oh." - The sound Ty Shughart makes every time he gets hit in a fighting game (which isn't often).

Mike Sklens: "That's Shit Hot" - Chris Kohler

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