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Nintendo GameCube in Shibuya

This Saturday, February 16 from noon until 8:00 PM, Nintendo will hold the 'NINTENDO GAMECUBE in SHIBUYA' game exposition event at the Shibuya Tsutaya (Japan's major video rental chain). Featured will be some of Nintendo's newest and hottest games, as well as an Animal Leader competition and a game creator talk forum.

The event begins at noon, when the public will have a chance to sample hot and upcoming Nintendo software such as Animal Leader, Doshin the Giant and also Pikmin. The latest footage of Biohazard a.k.a. Resident Evil will be shown as well! These titles will be on display all day.

At 1:00 gamers will be allowed to compete in an Animal Leader contest, the winners of which will walk away with televisions, Q systems and other Nintendo hardware! The competition will consist of two parts: an Attraction Bug (see the Animal Leader preview for game details) gathering time attack challenge, and a Battle of the Bosses challenge! The contest will finish at 6:00 PM.

When the dust settles at 7:00, a one hour Game Creator Talk Battle will close the event. This forum will feature game makers discussing game development, ideas and themes. Participants will include:

Animal Leader's graphic designer

Doshin the Giant's [concept] writer

Biohazard's producer

and a Nintendo development and production rep

Also, there are hints of a special guest on Nintendo's official information site...

Admission is free.

Needless to say, the PGC Japan staff will be there in force with impressions and media from the floor! Stay tuned this weekend for the story!

Location 5th Floor of the Shibuya QFRONT Tsutaya Building
Date 2002-02-16

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