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Episode 27: Cherubot Cometh

by Mike Sklens - March 23, 2012, 2:01 pm PDT
Total comments: 9

Neal drops some Kid Icarus knowledge on our collective asses.

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Why are you even listening to this? You really ought to be playing Kid Icarus Uprising instead. Don't you know that? Well, if you're going to listen to this episode I suppose I should let you know what's in it.

First off, we've got an oh-so special guest on this episode. It's Jesse Waldack of VG Tribune! He's a cool guy and you should totally check out his website and associated podcast. Now, on with the show... notes!

If for some reason you're not interested in the return of Pit, Neal is going to try his damnedest to convince you otherwise. There's also a discussion of the news at large including the then-rumored (now confirmed) news of Epic Mickey 2. Though there is still some rumor in there, with the possibility of a 3DS Epic Mickey game. In other news: we just might finally have a release date for Roller Coaster Tycoon on 3DS, a remixed version of Frogger is coming to WiiWare, and EA is shutting down servers for some of their older games.

After we read some awesome listener mail, Patrick and I hit the road and let the remaining cast talk about DC's recent run of animated features. I know this isn't really video game related, but let's face it. You are a nerd and as such you are required to like comic books. So I'm sure you'll enjoy this segment.

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pololmejorMarch 23, 2012

Preordered Kid Icarus a week ago but getting it untill tuesday! :(

circasurviverMarch 23, 2012

Epic Mickey 3DS has been confirmed. (Power of Illusion)

purevalMarch 27, 2012

Thanks for talking over the whole of the DCAU. Would you say in general the two disc sets are worth the price?

TJ SpykeMarch 27, 2012

I like some of the recent DC animated movies I have seen, but a lot I don't. I also wish they would go back to what is usually referred to as the DC Animated Universe (i.e. Batman: TAS, Superman: The Animated Series, Justice League, etc.). It is nice to finally find someone else who prefers John Stewart as the Green Lanturn. It seems like all I see are people who prefer Hal Jordan, but I am Stewart fan (maybe part of it is because my first exposure to GL was with Stewart).

Quote from: pureval

Thanks for talking over the whole of the DCAU. Would you say in general the two disc sets are worth the price?


For me, I eat it up. These are really the only DVDs I buy. For most people? There isn't anything amazing on it if you're not into the cheap-o documentaries and selected episodes from other shows.

TJ SpykeMarch 27, 2012

A few quick comments on some:

I hate Gotham Nights, there was like 1 short I liked and the animation sucked on most.
I think I liked Doomsday (been awhile), though I liked the Doomsday storyline in the Justice League show (partly because I love the Justice Lords)
Haven't seen New Frontier, have little interest too but might when I am bored.
Haven't seen Wonder Woman, am not a big fan of her character in general (though I like the Justice League episode where she and the other members went back to World War II and fought Vandal Savage, and she had that thing with the soldier).
Haven't seen either GL movie
Really liked Public Enemies
Haven't seen Crisis on Two Earths, might one day when bored
Loved Under the Red Hood, one of my favorites. Really shocked at the ending though.
I thought Apocalypse was OK, but not great.
Haven't seen All-Star yet.
Have no interest in Year One, and it sounds like I was right not to see it.
Didn't even know about Doom, I see it was just released last month.

noname2200March 28, 2012

Fun episode as always! I enjoyed Mike's recanting of Dawn of Sorrow bosses, and the tension created by needing to keep the stylus on hand - just in case. That was how it played it the first time. But, and my memory may be fooling me here, I believe I later discovered that the timer doesn't begin until you first touch the screen, so that act may have been unnecessary.

TizonaApril 17, 2012

Damn this episode. You guys talked to highly of these DC Animated features, I had to check em out. So after watching Batman/Superman Apocalypse free on Netfilx, I immediately went and bought both JL movies and Under the Red Hood on the Itunes. There goes my birthday money! Thanks Connectivity!

Enjoy them! Under the Red Hood has NPH!

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